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Wednesday, January 21

~ new jeans... but, I must be able to get a better shot.
This shot is for my little-c. :D
I'll try again later. ;)

~ See this?

This is how Suz started her day. :(
She was up extra early for an early curtain call at work...
And ssssssssssslam. Into a ditch on our street.
Again with the CAA.
Needless to say, she was a bit late. :)
All is well.

It snowed all day... so the temps stayed reasonable.
But my day was a total blurr...
Love the blurr!!
The day just blazes by and presto...
I'm home again.

~ the new jeans... with two pair of nice trousers in a bibi bag in the back seat of my car all day... getting quite cold, btw... and destined to be dropped at the dry cleaners on the way home...
~ set a roast in the slow-cooker
~ easy peasy commute... long day of good work. ("good work"=goals reached, sense of accomplishment ensues)
~ go to 'bucks at lunch to get a coffee and a pound of espresso beans... she comp'ed the coffee and I watched her pour 1 1/2 lbs of coffee in that 1lb bag... (love the 'bucks)
~ drop off dry cleaning...
~ grocery store... pick up big ass bag of flour and more fruit...
~ home for quick and easy yummi dinner...
~ and now it's now... me and my Latte. :D
~ for a teleport button...
~ that tj642 finds the right formula for little sleepers...
~ for designergirl to catch a break... (bummer about the boot)
~ to send congrats to greenwavedave... and whisper something about company-ink...
~ and to send a little lj love to queeniexb 'cuz emo doesn't necessarily mean "not worth a whole bunch of hugs".

Birthday moments...
A day late but never for a moment forgotten... Happy birthday carorules. May the year ahead bring you comfort in the shoes you wear, peace in your heart and great big goofy wonderful reasons to smile. :)

I'm digging that Burn Notice will be back soon...
:) That's a total iPhone tv show. I just find a nook, settle back and enjoy the fact that Bruce can shop smart... that's S-Mart.... lol.

... and it must be fourteen days since my last period started.
Oh wait...
penis... yes... now I remember.
Never mind.

~ peace.
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