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Monday, January 19

~ been busy.

It's warmed up a bit... wind-chill included, it was only -19 today at the worst and -9 at the best.
This is practically balmy... by comparison.

It's snowing (of course...) so perhaps there's some skiing in the near future.

My little geo was sick in bed today... stuffed up huge and coughing like a 30 year smoke'en trucker after a sprint... poor guy. :(
But he's a trooper... he'll get better quick.
Meanwhile : half his class is out with colds and a bunch with the flu. I'm guessing it's good he was at home on Friday.
Maybe Jack Bower will designate his school as a hot zone and keep everyone out.

We pvr'ed the first three epis of the new 24. ... watched the first half of the first episode and decided ... "meh..."
I'm not really keen on the model... I love the idea (the first was outstanding) of 24 hours in real time... but they use tecniques that kind grate on me...
(It's not like there's any shortage of new things to watch in TV land. :D)

~ to get up... get Ed up, dressed, fed and ready for the bus... then get my own little self off to work... while Geo sleeps in his stuffed up state and z sneaks back to have a good "Free Day" snooze. :)
~ arrived at work to find everyone gone... on my team at least... SURPRISE... that thing you were expecting to review with a group in the afternoon???? Yeah... that's an hour long presentation you have to give to packed double board room... at 9:00. gah! (it was grand, btw... I had 'em laughing, nodding and asking good questions. :D :D :D)
~ zoom to winners at lunch and try on six pairs of jeans... go to the mens wrack of denim and snag one-of each sort in 32 and try 'em all on. What THE HECK is with the back-pocket-style that runs down your thigh? I have a small ass... I grok... but those pockets are only on the ass of folks with bums the size of a vw microbus.!! I settle for "distressed, faded, black jeans"... I'll show ya later. :D
~ back to work with a 'bucks... and meetings all afternoon.
~ home to make ribs, baked taters, cauliflower, cheese sauce and much yumminess to do the "big free day" dinner. :D
~ wave to z and Ed as they drive away to Ed's swim class...
~ and now... it's now. :)
~ hope to watch Big Bang later. :D
~ that canuckgirl... my sugar... is feeling better tomorrow... :(
~ for jjnslat... to call it Betta... :D
~ to offer a wee hug to prasava... just 'cuz...
~ to smile at bardiva
~ and that I could visit innerly... no seriously... I must make this happen... whole family... must must must... !!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy two day late birthday wishes to arlyn and txgirlie. Amy, I hope you have a truly remarkable year... filling you with great hope and guidance for the future... and Christi... where ever you are... I hope you had a lovely birthday. :)
And for today... big birthday wish out to damny... may Team Brook have a truly wonderful year and I hope you get all kinds of great reasons to smile. :)

Dear America:
Get yer dancing shoes on...
and dig your day dedicated to the Obama Shuffle.
... ssssslide to the left....wiggle it... just a little bit... and stomp those feet!
. :D

News reports about Obama and him closing "Git-Mo" in Canada quickly turn to a review of the situation with Omar Khadr.
His Canadian family put his pre-pubescent ass into a terrorist training camp when they left him in Afghanistan with relatives.
As his sorry ass grew... all he knew was zealotry and horror.
America attacks...
The three adults with his 15 year old self are all shot dead... he grabs a grenade and a pistol and runs...
As the Americans SHOOT HIM IN THE BACK... TWICE ... he throws the grenade over his shoulder.
An American special forces trooper dies.
He ends up ... 15 years old... being tortured in Git-Mo for his knowledge of al-Queda.
The charge? Murder.
How does that event... in war time... translate into "murder"
And since when to we hold brainwashed 15 year olds accountable?
Let alone TORTURE them?
He's Canadian.
He should be free and back in Canada...
Before Obama sets one foot in Canada.
It's ridiculous.
Crazy ass.

Have some style.
You wont regret it.

~ k... gotta git. :)
Mañana muchachos... y muchachas...

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