Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 15

Yeah... so another officially BAZZZZING day.
Just freaking bazing.
Like ... daytime high... ? -26?? Tonight? -31 and that's BEFORE you account for the ever pop-pop-popular wind-chill.
I was just outside (snow pants, big jacket, etc. etc.) shoveling off the front walk. It's like - 40 with the breeze.
The snow pants... and the jacket... "puff" in the cold, like ... get puffy'er. And not-soft... Like, the outter layer gets loud and edgy. It's not going "crack" or anything... it's still fabic and all the good things that go along with a proper ski jacket... but it's a totally different texture when it's this flipping cold.
Snow squeaks.

I can blow bubbles.
As in... form a little spit-bit on my tongue, mess around with tongue, lip and spit and presto... there's a bubble (maybe 1 cm diameter) on the tip of my tongue.
A little puff... and it floats away.
Totally true.
They FREEZE in a split second.
Catch one on a c-c-c-c-cold glove... and there it sits... waiting for you to shatter it.

So yeah... it's really really cold.

~ today was all about layers... nice pants, but layers and a sweater and stuff... :)
~ drove the boys to school again... saving them from the fridged bus experience.
~ got a deliverable with work tomorrow, and again next friday... I'm actually completely busy at work... zero down time... the day just ... clicks by in the blink of an eye.
~ home to make up a nice din for me and the boys and some salmon for the suzy-q when she got back from the gym.... she's asleep on the sofa beside me... blanket... She started oprah, but I'm sure she was out after five minutes. So I have an oprah-pause on the tv... and any second now I'll have to go get the boys and get the bed thing going on. Did I mention that Ed and I are re-reading The Magicians Nephew? A truly bizar and remarkable book. The most curious of all the Narnia books.
~ that yumikid can find her snowpants...
~ to just send a random smile out to my sweet friend canuckgirl.... because memories just don't fade. :D
~ and to send big big goofy smiles out to caroline75... just 'cuz. ;)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to My-Little-nutmeg. :D May there be the sweet sweet taste of all-kinds-of-relief in store for you this year... I truly hope life cuts you a little slack and that you have all the room you can use for making great memories.

All my DC based US coworkers (client #2 contract) are all booked off work for the first half of next week. :)
~ very excited for them. It is a big time... a time to remember.
In the distant future... people will write brilliant novels that begin... now.
And when you are old... you will have trouble remembering what you went downstairs to get... but you'll have no trouble remembering the week Obama was inaug'ed. :D

Having the espresso maker... has drastically reduced the amount of coffee I drink.
And I mean that purely from the perspective of how many actual "scoops" of coffee I go through.
And I am still very much in the honey moon zone with the "make a latte and sit down to enjoy it" vibe. :D

Ug... it's 9:35... I gotta get Ed up to bed. :)

~ see ya :D

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