Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 8

hola mi amigos y amigas... :)

It's freak'en Thursday... already.
This week has been... like... don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it.
Today was horrible and wonderful at the same time.
Two and a half hour commute to work. Loads of snow... and so many cars... :(

The idiots... er... bus drivers... are being "forced" to vote on the last city offer, because their union rejected it without showing it to the membership, and then ... 30 days ago... calling a comprehensive transit strike. No public transit... nothing... 30 days... over christmas no less. If 51% vote yes... it'll still be weeks before the buses roll again... and if they vote no, because they are all sheeple, then... it's going to be a long ass strike. The whole thing totally burns my ass. Burn ... as in sizzle. Smoking, sizzling ass. !!! No I wont show you. :)

That was the horrible part... the drive to work.

The actual "work" part of the day... was the zoooooooooooooooooooom part and the wonderful part.
Everything is coming together rather nicely on this gig.
I have four more weeks of work for this gig... and only one of them will be on site.
So that's kinda why I'm all good-with working mental this week. Getting so much done its silly. :)

~ dressed nice... but no tie. Dark trousers, white tee and a blue sweater.
~ super early up... early out the door... and spend a lifetime in the car.
~ work work work... get groceries on the way home... (perimeter groceries!)
~ clean up breakfast, the mess it up cooking dinner... then clean up again.
~ and then relax. :)
~ for sweet relief to find her way to my little nutmeg!!
~ that pasticcio cleans that up...
~ and that greenwavedave ... wins!... or is "allowed to win" by the system! er... by the man! :D

Lyrics that actually made a difference in my life....
words that motivated me.

Can you tell me how it used to be?
Have we missed our chance?
Have we changed our hopes for fears
And our dreams for plans?

Can you tell me how it used to be
when we really cared?
And when love was on our side
(Dreams for Plans, Shakira, OF2)

And I know it's sappy. Sue me.
When I first heard those words, I knew it would be worth...
to make sure those lyrics didn't apply to us.
I was well and truly motivated to be more...
And it made a difference.
~ and now you know why I'm such a dorky fan.
I even got two spanish language cds for christmas.
... suz had to order 'em in for me er... santa had to order 'em... :D (hard to find. :D)

Suz is asleep on the sofa beside me...
the boys are down stairs playing on their computers.
Suz had "upper body" today.
Man... she's in awesome shape.
~ trying to decide if I should wake her to watch Leverage. :)

Later. :D

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