Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 (Happy New Year)

A clear, cold, breezy, sunny day.
I woke up with a raging headache... evil evil evil. Dunno what I did last night to deserve it but we were at friends all evening eating snacks... I think something there needed to be on my "never again" list. :(
Double advil when I woke up, and more mid afternoon... still trying to keep my head level (if I bend over, the "pressure" on my head makes it throb throb throb!!! evil.
Anyways... It's easing up a bit and I hope I can just ignore it as our guests arrive.

~ eh... just stuff... jeans, and warm sox. :)
~ nurse my headache, medicate, eat whole foods and find my happy place...
~ clean...
~ make more kifli (for dessert after tonights big to-do)
~ invite all of suzanne's family through the door... and all of my family through the door... (which is overstating it... because the niece and nephew zone is empty as they are all old enough to be off on NYE adventures of their own, and a couple of blank-in-laws are not venturing out...)
~ serve lasagna, loads of wine, snacks and food-a-plenty. :)
~ that all of my wonderful friends here are out somewhere celebrating the day ... and doing it safely. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday aunticrist... may the not-grand-celebration... at the very least herald a year of good health and happiness.
And danicia!! Happy birthday to you... you adorable cup of sugar you!!! gah! You make me smile so much... :D Have a wonderful birthday and a great new year. :D
Happy birthday bulvai... may the year ahead diminish none of your memories and give you much to be proud of.
And to El Fragberto (love that) (fragbert )... a very happy birthday. I hope there is more than enough in store for you to make the year ahead a grand adventure.

I wish the best of fortune's many treasures to be a part of your life in the year ahead.
2008 has been a very good year in the lives of those that call Casa de Corto home.
Suz has achieved truly remarkable results in her health and fitness pursuits.
She's always been able to beat me up... but now she can do it in style. :)
Her work has been challenging and through that pressure she has managed to renegotiate her position,
and invigorate her comfort at work.
The boys ... just... wow.
George is officially a teenager and while he is exhibiting some proto-typical 'tudes... he remains such a caring, thoughtful and appreciative young man. :)
Edward is ... simply beautiful. He'd die to hear me say that... but... he melts my heart. Never the less... he is 10 ... about to turn 11 and is not shy to express his strong opinions. (and no matter how that plays out in day-to-day... I think that is an essential quality for life).
And as for me... I started this year off working for clients in the US and spending a great deal of time working from my home office.
That was a special kind of heaven.
Work has gone in circles... frustration, excitement, and you know how it goes.
I'm finding there is an exceptional demand for the work I do... so I'm just rolling along for the next little while.
Personally, the year has been a milestone.
Suz and I have achieved a lot together over the last twenty years but this last year we focused on achieving "for ourselves"...
And in that pursuit we have been most pleased.
Sending the boys to two weeks of overnight camp in the summer... is a truly inspired idea. :)
I am looking forward to finding out what this year has to offer.
Despite the unfortunate economic forecasts... I believe things will be better over-all.
The year behind me is unforgettable... and besides all the wonderful family reasons for saying that...
I am also very focused on the achievement of the American people in their selection of Obama.
That one moment alone will etch 2008 into the forever-file.
Have a wonderful year... and celebrate it with your heart. :D

So my SIL is a sommelier (sp?)... she's a snap-dragon in the land of wine. My brother is along for the ride and can't help getting all wine-smarty. They do things like travel-for-wine and order cases of stuff from far flung places... generally wine-gods (from my point of view... because I know nothing on this subject - and don't even start about my BFF who has a wine cellar that's worth more than both our cars... without the awesome wine he has in it... but forget that for now... we're here to talk about my SIL.
So among my other job jar items for yesterday was "go to liquor store and by three bottles of red and champaign." I secretly love this... 'cuz I phone Sandy (my SIL) (my earphones have a mic on the line - iphone goodness) and wander through the liquor store blabbing away with her as she literally logs into the LCBO (liquor store) and checks stock on her recommendations for the store I'm in... I'm the guy you saw at the store haivng an animated conversation with himself... :D Last night I had "Teressa" - work'er bee at the Liquor store leading me around as I gave her instructions on where to take me via input from Sandy over the headphones. :D It was quite delightful.
So two bottles of Sea Breeze (Aussi sparkling white), one Masi Campofiorin and two Montalto nero d'avola cab-savs. :) None-of-which will I drink... but I'll enjoy serving it to our guests - and suz. :D

See you at midnight. :)
(wink wink)
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