Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 28

Lovely day... I mean... any day with power... LOVELY.

sigh. The snow is all running away scared and leaving icky-ness behind.
It was 8 above zero in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago!!

Yesterday was "one of those days" you remember for a long long time... Power went out in the morning... came back on late in the afternoon... then vanished again in the evening and stayed off till after midnight. We managed to drive out and get new ski helmets for the boys in the daytime... and we had a family adventure to the theater (AMC) to see "Bedtime Stories" ... which was a great little movie - very watchable and enjoyable. :) (and short... compared to the Buttom Backwards Pitt thing which is 2 hundred hours long (ok, 2 hours 47 minutes = rental... That long a movie needs a pee break at a minimum... "new coffee and snacks break" is recommended. :)

~ dressing like Sheldon... short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt... being a nerd.
~ up today to reset all the clocks... sigh.
~ off to Home Depot to buy a roll of fiberglass screen, some staples, n'stuff...
~ replace the screen ... er... the ripped out screen... on the porch. (ripped out by the wind yesterday, repaired by captain marvelous today... because tomorrow it snows again.)
~ and relax.
~ I could read LJ and see what's up. :)
~ I could dedicate more time to this spanish thing...
~ that I could visit lydia (innerly)... because I could get her to sit and talk to me in spanish... sigh. :)

Birthday moments...
Er... from yester-lost-day...
Happy birthday another_tom... I hope you have celebrated your day and are looking forward to a wonderful year.
Happy birthday across the planet to a remarkable friend... uniclycommon. May there be good times, great sleeps, and wonderful recoveries in store for you this year.
And for today...
Happy birthday sunnlight... I hope you have had a relaxing day and that the year ahead keeps you happy and prosperous.
A very happy birthday to sillz... may the year ahead keep you and your family healthy and happy... I hope you have a truly wonderful year. :)

Ok... who has a guess as to how much money the US government has spent on middle east peace process stuff over the last twenty years.
And you're surprised that the economy has gotten out of hand?

The situation in Israel...
~ there is a reason why the kids in Gaza are shooting rockets into Israel.
~ there is a reason for that reason and a reason for the reason behind all that.
~ there is a big ass evil wall and border crossings controlled in a manner that defies logic and reason.
~ there is systemic hate taught in schools, churches, homes, television, and in government across their great and prosperous holy land...
~ and they are all a bunch of wing nuts.

Personally... and I'm sure there is some gob-smacking bit of information out there that will make me regret this... but until I hear it... I'm sticking to my story...
personally... I think it's perfectly reasonable for Israel to be bombing the shit out of Gaza... I recommend six months of carpet bombing until there's nothing left but rubble and bits-of-bombs. Put a freaking end to this shit.
The kids in gaza (because I have no expectation that I can spell Palest... whatever), the kids-in-gaza are absolutely moronic if they think random, regular rocket attacks into populated bits of Israel is somehow sustainable and can go on without reprisals.

I guess... "Personally" is overstating things... because I actually don't care.
They can all blow each other up all day and into the night for all I care.

The Geeky Ballad of the Bus
(aka How USB2 tried to anally rape me and sell photos to it's friends)
So, some odd number of months ago... I began soliciting help from the blog-o-sphere with a problem I was having with Suz's computer. USB2... simply didn't work. USB1 would work on all ports but nothing USB2 was recognized. Now... NOTHING is USB1 anymore... except keyboards and mice, wireless or otherwise. Over the intervening months I have taken her computer apart and put it back together again (try it now) and I've backed up all her data, reinstalled windows and all the apps, flashed bios, and tried USB hubs... all to no avail. A few days ago I decided to bite the bullet. Suz and I have duplicate desktop computers, except I have a second HD and more ram. So I figured I'd swap out my hard drives for hers, and give her my system, then put a new motherboard in mine... and after doing the "going to buy geek toys" research... magically concluded I would need a new motherboard, new ram, and check-the-price-on-that-new-video-card!!! oh, and how much is that CPU in the window? Yup... I was getting excited.
So... I swap the hard drives... start up her computer (see how I didn't say "boot-up" there... that's so I can remain accessible to my readers!) and ... USB2 doesn't fucking work.
OMFG... I was about to explode. All red and stuff. I plug in a USB2 data key, it pops the error message and I click the useless clicks to see the MS troubleshooter tell me a) this device is working properly and b) device is unrecognized. gah!!!! and there was the - always been there - notation that the HP Scanner was occupying position 2 on the USB root tree.
blink blink
I unplug the scanner.
And everything suddenly begins to work perfectly.
aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh arrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! *choke*... gark... smoglig-nonshishmuck... gggggahhhhh.
Bottom line: I must have a bad - and old - driver for that scanner in there that is hosing things... and I hate every geek technician I have explained all this too that hasn't asked about other USB devices on the system. !!!! :)

Dear LJ...
Where are you?

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