Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

December 25, 2008

So after a very long night of helping Edward back from the brink of a nervous breakdown over not being able to get to sleep... seeing as he was so keenly interested in doing just that... and finally seeing both boys off in sleepy land by ... sadly, 4:30, we z finished her trimming and we went to bed so Santa could come and do his thing.

The boys woke us up at around 9... not bad.
Daddy is happy with christmas... I got a new shaver (wanted)... music... some clothes and chocolate... and lots of love.
We spent our day together playing guitar heroes and putting together lego...
Then off to my folks house for family prezzies and dinner...
Later... over to my SILs house for z's side of the family...
And finally home... with sleepy me. The kids seem good but I'll bet they'll sleep well when we stuff them in bed. :)

~ to have christmas... you?
~ you all a very merry christmas...

Some pics from today...

Start with Percy getting her new toy... her first exposure to catnip in a cat-toy... :)

Then the unwrapping zone...

The face of a seriously happy child that got exactly what he wanted... (lego mania stage)

Ed got a new toy... we all made faces. :)

We took a family picture at my folks house... but I like the "goofy one" better. :)

Merry Ho Ho
And may the place you turn to fill up your spirit... be a cornucopia.
Whether it is family, your work, your god(s), your friends or your bottle... (and I hope it's not your bottle)...
I hope you are able to find yourself... where you need to be today,
To feel a little bit of love.

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