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Wednesday, December 24

~ Still no hat. :(
And I was even right near wallmart today... but I forgot. :(
(stomps foot) IWANTMYSANTAHAT!!!

if my fingers are in the wrong place...

Dude... it's raining! :(
stupid weather.

~ up earlyish... (well, "ish" turned into 10:00. :D)
~ off to last minute shop... which proved to be most successful. :)
~ home to turn around and go back to the gym ... I'm being suz's spotter while her trainer-dude ("Yuri" - might as well be "Sven") is away on holidays. And, of course, all that gear... I can't help but want to work on the upper... then the lower... then cringe the next day and ... do it all again. :D
~ just made a veggie plate to bring my SIL's for a Chirstmas Eve family get together.
~ that all'ya'all are having a merry ol'time and can find your way to friends and/or (lol) family tonight.
~ and... a wish to my lovely lj friends that can't find their way to friends or family... may there be peace in your hearts and remember that as long as we've got each other... you'll always have someone! Always. :)

K... just say'en... When the striking bus drivers make a command decision to set up a picket specifically to screw over the annual christmas craft show... screwing over hundreds of artists that have been prepping for this all year... the drivers become even more lined up with the worst of the bottom feeders. Up next... time for bus drivers to screw over a bunch of hard working young kids by setting up a massive picket at the world junior hockey championship.
How do those drivers live with themselves?????

~ sent invites to both families to come over for NYE...

my parents chirstmas card included a cut out from the paper about a writers-competition... I'm guessing I ought to submit something. :)

~ always. :)

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