Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

mornin Lj

~ new (snug) b.u.m. equipment boxers, harcole dress pants, and company logo white golf shirt.
~ rockports on my feet and D&G on my neck.
~ silly kinda grin 'cause I became a package boi last night... we'll see if anyone actually wants to play with me... :D
~ to interview some guy at 10:30... and I should open the interview by slapping this guy... 14 frigging pages of resume...
~ do a dry-run of our presentation, scheduled for next week, that we're giving to Transport Canada (then to Stats Canada the following week.)
~ ug! I have to read this monsterous document called a "letter of Interest" from CCRA (yea, some letter� it's like 88 pages long� sheesh)
~ to send a couple of talkies today...
~ I could go to Boston...
~ for good health and good rests to dailymom, a proud new mom
~ the very same thing for mateo (happypage), a proud new dad
~ a little peace to creep into Tala's life and hang for a while...
~ patience to rest on laini's shoulders
~ my buddy blossom (puglove'en super kristy) has a good move this weekend...
~ and somehow, somewhat, for calm rational sense overtake Shann and her wayward man.

Um... do you know misilv? this is a good woman with a big heart.

ps. don't ya love how peeps go into self-imposed exile form Lj for unspecified amounts of time... then they're back like two days later! Believe me, I'm not making fun of anyone... I had to do exactly that a while ago and I could barely contain myself.... what an addiction.

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