Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 19

Hi. :)

I'm off.
Two weeks.
~ smiles. :D

Oh, and it's snowing.
Of course.
~ I forsee skiing... :D

~ dude... it's friday.
~ black jeans, black tee... nice sweater for work... but... work is over!
~ thought I was in for a half day... then home to take care of Ed while suz grabbed her half day.
~ ten seconds after I get to work my client boss's boss asks me into her office and presto... instant busy day.
~ my mom takes care of Ed in the afternoon and everything gets done.
~ and I bask in the glory of living in the same area as my extended family. :)
~ met former boss-man, currently coworker-dude2, for coffee. :)
~ picked up Ed at my folks house and home to make a nice big dinner, including a pot of home made scallop potatoes my mom made (i've posted the recipe before...)
~ and now?
~ dude... I'm off. oh my freaking dog... (heh!)
~ for rini to find her way to the other side of things. :)
~ that mspish finds her way back from angry-pants land...
~ and that everybody gets their healthy on stays healthy in blonnie's house. :)

Things that I love about Christmas...
~ It's not a "go somewhere" vacation. It's two weeks of being here or visiting.

Ed's watching "Gremlins". First time. lol...
I think I'm going to go play guitar heroes for a while. :)

~ have a nice friday night muchachos y muchachas...

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