Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 17

Snow... lots of snow this morning...
Buses still on strike...
roads clogged...
fricking crazy man.
I just had to sit back and take it... crawling to work...
Snow stopped mid day... but we're expecting a little more tomorrow and a lot more on Friday

~ all dolled up... and nowhere to go. :)
~ kind of a beige day, but I have the argyle on...
~ up early... leave early... drive for almost two hours... get to work... find the meeting is cancelled.
~ sigh.
~ teleconference with washington clients from first half of afternoon...
~ chair another meeting that kills the day...
~ home to make a quick dinner...
~ feed the family then head over to the kids school... Edward's "Christmas Play" is on tonight. :)
~ watch Chuck later...
~ to send out a vh5 (virtual high five) to groovysegue
~ to congratulate wenchlette
~ that darkbay would look on the hopeful side and think... Maybe this is lucky number five. :D (LOL)
~ for nothing but good times to stick to imnxt this christmas
~ and to smile and appreciate the wonderful things whatilove shares.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday clumsy_me... and I hope this day finds you well and that you enjoy a wonderful b-day. :D

Information: So Crystler is a private car company (not a publicly traded share). Ford - of the "big three" - is doing the best-on-paper. Much better on paper than GM... and has published far more advanced restructuring, "re-marketing", plans than GM.
Question: If the government provides bail-out money... should any of this information matter?

Dear Ottawa Folks...
Please stop in at any big-box store ... and buy a 5$ air-horn-can.
And when the picketing bus drivers stop your car anywhere, and want to tell you their sob story...
For the full three minutes that the dumb ass law allows them to block your passage...
Roll down your window and press the button on the air horn, blasting it directly into the picketers face.
NOTE: They are perfectly within their rights to block traffic entering city parking lots and force each vehicle AND PEDESTRIAN to wait three full minutes before allowing them to pass. YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LEAN ON YOUR CAR HORN FOR THOSE SAME THREE MINUTES.
No really.
Every single car, when it's their turn to be the one-at-the-front-getting-held-up, blow their horn for the whole damn time.

That would be freaking sweet.

~ smile.
It makes a difference.

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