Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, December 16 (less than ten days till Ho Ho day. :D)

Well today has good prospects of being a busy day... lots of meeting stuff to get organized, a teleconference, and deliverables...
An den?
An den... the client organization (en mass) leaves at 12:00 to go to a staff christmas party for the whole afternoon at a pool hall downtown.
(note: handily 25% of the staff went to the party... the other 75% just took the afternoon to go shopping.)

~ slacker day...
~ beige trousers... black tee... button down shirt (kinda green stripee'ish) and a sweater. )3
~ a great big happy 1110 out to ventusfelina
~ that glossgirl is finding her way to feeling centered.
~ to send a virtual, but no less heart felt, hug out to mousie... just 'cuz.
~ and to smile from ear to ear as innerly steps into the next year in The Life and Times of Mexican Sugar. :)

How many billions is the US (let alone Canada) going to give Big Auto?
Again... what are they getting the money for? To prop them up for a while?

Lets imagine they don't get the money...
Now imagine their business models fail.

Besides the goofy suggestion that this will somehow spell the END OF TIMES for the auto industry... as if none of them will restructure and reinvent themselves to become a leaner, competitive player in the market...

What about that Bail-Out money?
How many workers are going to get laid off?
A million?
Is that a lot?
Is it two million?
Lets do some math...
Whats 50 Billion divided by 2 million?
Why that works out to 25,000$ per person for a TRAINING COURSE TO GET ANOTHER JOB.
And the Big Auto Execs can dip into their own savings... thankyouverymuch.


A 21 year old kid from somewhere in Ontario is in a hospital today....
In a coma brought on by hitting his head on the ice at a hockey game.
Seems the junior league he was playing in brought rivals together and ... push came to shove...
And Junior ended up in a fist fight on the ice...
"Part of the game" the coach was saying on the radio...
His helmet was torn off during the fight.
He stepped on a hockey glove... discarded as the fight broke out.
He slipped.
He hit the back of his head on the ice.
Oh, and the guy he was fighting with fell on top of him.
He may die.
It's horrible.
But hearing the coach say "it's part of the game"...
Sorry... but Social Darwinism time.

I saw this in a post from sweet-marie... er... razzberee
Truly loved it... as far as loving a flow chart can go...
So I wrote it on a white board at work... and left it there. :)
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