Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 15

Like... just the most attractive stage in my whole life... :)

Dude... it's freaking above zero... raining... washing away a fantastic freaking base!!!!! sigh.
Still loads of snow... but gah!

I had to bail halfway to Geo's squash lesson last night...
I was literally steering wheel free as I prayed behind the useless wheel on an icy on ramp.
Next exit... off and home. Rain freezing to everything. ug.

~ well, I was all dressed up today... but no more. :)
~ it was charcoal / blue'ish day.
~ total monday... but every second of it is sugar-coated with the sweet sweet flavour "week before vacation".
~ went to Winners at lunch to return the craptastic "plug your ipod into me" alarm clock... I decided on a sony model instead... (A birthday gift from WAY BACK IN OCTOBER that just kept breaking... time to buy a sony. :)
~ now it's now... (tonight) and I'm waiting for suz to get home from Eds swimming lesson and then I'm guessing we might all watch Chuck... and decorate more of the tree.
~ for giabean to ... get all caught up... :)
~ that gillian16 manages to not let the bruised banana mess up the bunch.
~ and that lynspin lives through tomorrow morning. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a woman... an icon, really, in the land of me and the world of blogging, learning and smiling... Happy birthday wolfiegirl. May this next year keep you safe... let you love... and fill your life with love returned.

Look... get yourself a triforce... defeat the boss... get the freaking key and open that damn door.

It's not about the knowing or suspecting what's on the other side of the door.
It's the fact that there's a door at all.
It's about the fact that you already know whats on your side.


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