Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 12

I don't even remember if it was clear or cloudy today.
I absolutely had a "friday".
Work was robotic and easy, finished up xmas cards at lunch, got the boss a starbucks because I do, in fact, know exactly how to suck up, and even got a head start on all the crap that'll be waiting for me on Monday morning. :)

But weather wise... I don't recall. :) It's dark now and the moon is full.
that's enough for me. :)

~ today was a wonderful wonderful friday...
~ black jeans, long sleeve "tee", argyle sweater
~ did I mention the friday thing?
~ lots of mixed up time scapes as I work for all three clients at various stages of the day...
~ and still manage to do a "pitch" conference call thing with galactic-core suits from the US.
~ got the slow cooker working on a pork roast ... so dinner was delicious
~ weekend groceries on friday night... because I want to play with christmas stuff on saturday ... instead of kill saturday with retail bonanzas
~ now? totally relaxing... Day 8. :) do'en ok.
~ to send a vh5 out to sodiumbisulfite... just 'cuz. (virtual high five)
~ and that freak boy Mugabe doesn't hose things up for SA too... :(

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday mz boogie... (boogierock) and I hope you're doing alright out there in the big big world. :D
And to miss world traveler... happy birthday yumikid. May the year ahead bring you the stuff that your dreams are made of.

You know, I think offering a bail-out to the bio-tech industry would do a whole lot more than save a few jobs for a few short years.

I've done some calculations and I have concluded that I need approximately 1.6 million dollars, in liquid assets, as a 'starting point' so that I can go forward from this point to the end of my days and do only those things that make me happy.
Soooooooo... if you know someone that's always talking about "who the heck am I going to give this 1.6 million to?"...
Well... Now you know!!

See ya.

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