Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Survivor XVII Update!!

Survivor XVI:

Heading For The Endgame

Where in... the never ending flip flops of Sugar continue to stunningly turn the course of the game, despite all those flips and flops being simple dumb-ass-ish-ness. But, what ever... it’s a game. There’s an awesome reward and one heck of a twisty, turney, all bent-out-of-shape run up to the Fire Pit with a lovely surprise ending. :)

The Sizzle
(aka "The Flashy Quick Review)
So Mr. Mat-tastic, aka The Proposer, is all pissy and down about ... everything anyone else is doing to get themselves closer to winning. This, of course, endears him to ... nobody. Kenny calls Orville on the fake idol and his lie to Kenny last week when he and Corinne thought they were going to turn the tables on the players. This, stunningly, works like a charm and we hear Bob saying "If I win immunity, I’ll give it to you..." ???? WTF? Gah! (Stupid white people... seriously!) They head off to play giant jungle Skee Ball for reward and this one is all about Bob. He gets to pick kids to play "reward" with him and he takes Crystal and Kenny. What is the reward? Food, clothes, valet service, and a trip to this awesome awesome awesome!!! Gorilla preserve. Oh, and there’s a copter ride to get there. Matty just acts like a Dead Man Walking the whole time he’s back at camp with Sugar. She’s holding her own and being tough... but when the "Rewarders" get back from Gorilla land, Crystal and Kenny take turns riding rough on the Matty and this seems to tweak a soft spot in the bowl of Sugar. When Crystal and Kenny strike yet another plan for global domination (what do you want to do today Brain?) Sugar blows it all to hell by deciding to snuggle up to Matt and pretty much ensure his safety. The "others" don’t know about this so now it’s all about Immunity. They play this blindfolded "Build A Bear" thing... except it’s a scary jungle mask. Bob wins this too... (dude just wins everything) and everything gets all twisty and curvy as plans hatch, wash away and come back. Next thing you know we’re at Jeff’s Pit of Fiery Fun watching Sugar hand her "hidden immunity idol" over to Matt after everybody thought they were sending him home. A couple of well placed votes for Crystal... and BOOM... she’s historical and the jury is kill'en themselves laughing and high-fiving... just like the impartial quiet folks their supposed to be.

All that’s left is the two hour episode on Sunday night... THAT’S THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!! And then the hour long reunion show. I’m telling you ... I WANT SUGAR TO WIN... just because it’s so totally been her game all season... even if she appears to be clueless about her impact on everything. :D

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