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Amazing Race 13 Finale

Amazing Race – The Special Olympics Reality Season is OVER

Thank the Gods!!!

And they're off... on the final leg of this seasons game. Honestly… it’s been quite a log of fun. The kids bail on the land of cheap vodka and make their way to Portland to play the final games for the one million dollar prize.

Good Afternoon Race Fans...
(aka "The show, in as few words as possible!")
So, wake up in Moscow, but it’s really all about getting out of town on the only flight to Portland. Total bunch up and then mad dashes to cabs in Oregon. First up is a Detour offering up Log Rolling or Tree Climbing at an “Adventure Camp”. Three teams… well, two actually, because it just doesn’t feel right to call the Frats a team because THEY HAVE NO BRAIN. Anyways… two teams make their way to the adventure camp, climb the tree, jump off the tree and then head off to do a zip-line thing on “The Bridge of The Gods”. Meanwhile, the Frats are lost on the highway trying to find the Adventure Camp. The zip line ends and they head to the actual “End Game” which is a walk down memory lane and a mad dash to find these cards that depict “memory lane” from one of literally hundreds of clue-boxes. The Cheater and The Drag Queen are facing off with Donny and Marie in the sea of clue boxes and we’re on the edge of our collective seats, quietly hoping that psycho drag queen lady doesn’t find the final clue before Donny and Marie. (oh, and the Frat boys finally found the adventure camp…) Donny and Marie pull it off and get to dash onto the stage with Paddle Boy to grand applause. The camera pans the crowd as they are congratulated and surprisingly there is no sign of Dallas or Toni.??? What’s up with that?

The Good
That Nick and Star won. Truly… they were the only players that earned their way to the top.

The Bad
Any air time given to the Freakish Drag Queen. She was so flipping hung up about wearing her baseball cap – I’m guessing because her hair was still green from the India Dye thing… that her safety helmet continually fell back on her head, choking her with the strap, as she climbed the tree in the detour. This SERIOUSLY slowed her down and allowed Nick and Star to pull ahead. I’m not exactly sure why Cheater Boy didn’t lay into her about tossing the freaking ball cap and putting the damn helmet on properly at the beginning, instead of giving up a MILLION DOLLARS to keep her hair from being messy???? Spaz.

The Ugly
Did I mention the Drag Queen?

The Exceptionally Pathetic
Somewhere near the beginning of the show we get to hear Dan (frat boy) say “Andrew and I deserve to be in the final three.” And all I can think is “on what planet could that possibly be true?” Seriously if these guys were actually retarded instead of just acting like it, we could have had sympathy… but as it stands… not a chance. Losers.

Big Winners...
Congratulations to Nick and Star and thanks for making it look easy. :D

This was a fun season, but as I was saying to my partner after the show… it wasn’t as fun as the first season that had that eastern European woman and her midget cousin. LOL… :D :D

See you next time.

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