Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 7

Having a quiet... cold... odd bit of a Sunday.
I rented Wanted for last night... but despite my desire to make it a late late show... we never got to watch it... :(

Had friends over... which was lovely.
Oh... and managed to snag a major super good deal on Geo's new snow board...
Sport Mart had a 3 hour 25% off sale from 6 - 9... the manager was willing to give us 50% off a "last years board"... with 10 more % off due to lonely scratch ... so then 25% off that brought it down down down down... and I pretty much got a great brand new snow board for 75$. Weee... :)
Had to stand in a line for an hour... but what-the-heck. :)

Today is just... soooo cold. Blustery and blowy... brrrrr.

~ sweater... jeans... tee... big warm sox!!
~ Nothing. Well, ok... I made tea biscuits in the early morn...
~ wrote about Survivor...
~ now I'm thinking of venturing out to BlockBuster to rent a family movie (Prince Caspian) - yet again, putting off Wanted... which is not a family movie...
~ oh, and Geo has squash tonight. :)
~ I had five days between now and tomorrow morning. I would sooooo get all caught up with work!!! :)

I am not at all happy about this non-smoking thing.
I don't care how easy it was for you or any of that crap.
Just say'en...
No I haven't.
but &%$#$%#$!

Back to client #1 tomorrow...
but I got stuff to finish for client #3 tonight...
And yes yes yes... I am soooo looking forward to the christmas break.

My goodness...
I'm not much of a sweetness and light lj friend today.
If I was a plant... I would likely be a cactus.


~ cactus boy has got to address some envelopes... :)

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