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Survivor XVII Update!!

Survivor XVII:

Big Ass Cry Fest

Where in... life at Camp Castration takes a turn for the tears this week and despite another valiant effort to thwart the evil that is Kenny, he once again brings the game to the bad guys and sends one packing. And yes… Kenny is morphing into some kind of a Spider Man cliché villain.

The Sizzle
(aka "The Flashy Quick Review)
Once again, laughing at the name “Nobag” we are first exposed to Bob giving the kids the gears over their enjoyment of orchestrating Randy’s ouster. Of course, he’s only edgy because he was totally pawned. Next up? The Kenny. “I’m my own man.” As he pussy paddles their boat back from a fishing mission (he’s so scrawny and lank, he can’t help looking a big gawkish armed with a paddle) He’s getting a bit scary in his largess and confidence. Jeff pulls them together for a reward game… but tortures them with a little Samsung Love (“loved ones” recorded message on a Samsung media device). The only important thing to come of this is noting that Corinne is actually a member of the Brady Bunch. They play Rock-Paper-Scissors (Lizard, Spock) and then pick teams… leaving Brady Bunch girl on the outs. Two teams slog across a swamp in a race much like a famous White Bronco crawl across LA. They end up with “sprockets” and make a cog-wheel-turn-it thing to win stage one. Stage two is another puzzle and it leaves Orville on top. He starts his Samsung Sprockets of Love message only to get a big surprise of his lovey-dovey showing up from behind a rock. They eat a feast and then come back to camp with everybody’s “loved ones” and it’s a wild cry fest. Matty … who once upon a time said “I’m going to make my honey a ring” has only managed to make her a pendant… so he proposes to her with a pendant, crying on national television. Kenny, of course, is already in game mode and plotting away with his sister. Bob and Corinne make a grand plan, with yet another Bobs-a-Faker idol. They hope to persuade Crystal and Kenny to fry Matty due to this supposed Idol (the idea being that it’s the one the idiots threw into the water a while ago). The “loved ones” are gone and they play an immunity game of Giant Cliff Side Skee Ball and Bob takes this one too. So the plan looks good… but it’s broken all to heck because it relies on Crystal or Kenny actually voting for Mat instead of wanting Corinne to play her idol. The Pit O’Fun comes and Corinne cannot play her fake idol… so the girl that stared todays show with "I'm in a tribe of mutants" ... heads to the Jury as another mutant victim!! Her last words are some lame promise to never speak to Sugar again.

We’re almost done… just a few more episodes and it’s looking a lot like out underdogs remain the likely big money crew. I’m still hoping for Sugar… and I get the feeling that Kenny will go mad before the season ends. :)

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