Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 6

~ under the knife day

THREE FOR THREE... Fell asleep on the sofa... Suz was smart 'nuf to go to bed early...
But the boys had (have) a PD day today so they were staying up late and I'm JUST NOT READY for the boys to be up after I go to bed! :D
Besides... how am I going to read with Ed at his bed time ... if I'm in my bed asleep? We're reading "Half Moon Investigations" ( by the Artimus Fowl author). :D

Today is filled with sunshine... and my tapping toes. I kinda seriously SERIOUSLY want a cigarette.
The Day 2 Jitters. I expect these and I will NOT cave in. :D

We watched Chuck last night... but I got nowhere near Survivor. I'll have to watch that soon. :)
ps. DEXTER... wicked wicked wicked!!!!!!!

~ argyle... and stitches...
~ Up and down... pushing the snooze bar...
~ finally up at 7:15... and on the road by 7:45... going to the Arnprior Hospital. (see /)
~ downtown to the Galactic Core to get expense reports in and signed!!
~ client #3 for the rest of the day... booking meetings for the first work week of January. January is going to be muy crazy town...
~ home to get sorted for Suz's office christmas party tonight... they're all social workers... and it's always a hoot. :)
~ to send heart felt hopes and ... then more hopes... out to bramey... aka sugar-bronze... because she needs a little break... mmmkay?
~ to send a little good karma to debby...
~ to be excellent to queeniexb
~ and that teaser is enjoying her high summer. :)


~ sample from the lonely milk carton with my handful of records "record collection". :D

Go see family doc (in August) about a "lump" (no worries!!!) on my back... I figure it's a cyst of some sort.
She books me in to see the Derm... and as I am not "urgent", I have to wait for ... now.
Doc figured it was a cyst (sebatious sp?)
Derm took a look and said nope... it's scar tissue.
Poked it with a needle after measuring and collecting other info...
poke poke poke... freeze freeze freeze
then he cuts me.
uses this bizarre drill-bit thing to score into the lump and lift it up... then he's HACKING away with scissors to separate it from the rest of me.
Kinda grizzly... but ... "on my back" so I don't have to watch. :D
He also said he wold ate care of the growing birthmark on my temple. :)
He's going to SCRAAAAAPE that one off... sigh. but not until January.
So now I've got an appointment card in my pocket... and two stitches in my shoulder. :)

~ Ok... time to get dinner (home now) for the boys and ready for going out.
See ya.

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