Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 3

Today has been a blurrrrrrr...

I woke up in a bit of a daze because - for the second night in a row - I totally crashed before midnight. I try to watch the news... then watch a taped show... but I don't get past the headlines before I wake up, snuggled up to Z, under a sofa-blanket, stretched out on the new sofa. One body part or another is typically DEAD and has to be dragged around while I struggle suz and I up to our proper bed - where the cat will be curled up and sleeping comfortably, thankyouverymuch. So yeah... the humans sleep on the sofa while the cat sleeps on the bed.

I drove the boys to school this morning... which is a nice break for them because their bus comes at 7:15... and even though the school is five minutes away (by car)... the bus ride takes 40 minutes while they tool around the various neighborhoods. Bummer. Ed had big bags to bring to school for projects and a class-room Saint Nick celebration thing.... so, the car ride and leave at 7:50. :)
btw... you should hear the kids when we start getting close to the school. I have NEVER pulled into the school-bus-drop-off-lane... but I always tease them about doing it... and from about a kilometer away from the school... they both start with the dire warnings, and pleadings to NOT go in the bus lane. I wouldn't be too surprised if the school punishes the kids themselves for their parents driving in the bus lane. This school is highly messed up with their wwwwwwwway over the top rules. They do this thing called "writing you up", which means the school yard monitor gives you a "note" that you have to take to the office and home for signatures. The last one Geo got was for being pushed to the ground. Yes... you read that right. Yes, the kid that pushed him got "written up" too... but WTF? We expressed ourselves on the note back to the school. gah!

Cold and cloudy day... brrr!

~ work for clients #2 and #3 all day...
~ had to interview with a thickly accented Jamaican dude ... and said "pardon" often...
~ now it's 4:00 and I'm keen to get going home!!
~ hoping to watch heroes... and DYING to watch Dexter!!! :)
~ for a little jaw muscle relax'en in the life and times of jjnslat
~ that cerulean_me enjoys the best of health over the next... several months!
~ and that 1ginacolada is doing well and enjoying her anticipation. :)

One of the top three greatest Canadian political drama-island moments in my little lifetime is about to unfold.
The ball rests in the hands of an woman that immigrated to Canada from Haiti.
Michaelle Jean.
She is our Governor General.
My perception is that - although no one else agrees with me - she will be bound by the protocol of her role to refuse the PMs request to prorogue Parliament. (google it)
Almost - but not quite - unprecedented television appearances by the PM and by the opposition tonight.
Big fun. :)

The corto Stalker Cam

~ if you think these are cute... there is a good chance that you would benefit from therapy of some kind.

See ya. :)
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