Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 1

Rain... freezing rain... snow... "snow pellets".
oh just bite me.

We watched Baby Mama last night.
It was a 6 on the 10 scale... and every point over 3 was 100% due to Tina Fay.
Thanks for being good at what you do sugar-Fay.

Oh and just say'en... one of my persistent good friends from a contract in DC last year... is a young man from Mumbai.
He lost friends in the weekends foolishness... but thankfully no family.
Until I spoke with him today... I had not truly been able to internalize how saddened the people of mumbai and indeed, india... must be.
And... I have never truly appreciated how royally hosed up Pakistan is.

~ all dolled up for a "day 1" day...
~ I call it the "blue look" but really, everything is kinda blue-gray and charcoal. :)
~ up early... it supposed to have been a bad weather night, so I planned on extra time... turned out to not be too bad (school buses were still running, so it can't be too bad... they're total pussies when it comes to slippery weather, so I only worry when they cancel the school buses in my neighborhood. :)
~ meet client at 8:30 and do my first audit interview at 9:00.
~ then, as it turns out, spend the rest of the day dicking around waiting for support geeks to get me my log-in credentials... Lots to do on my laptop, but it'd be nice to get the email everybody here is sending me... :(
~ Ed has swimming lessons tonight... and I think Suz 'el take him while I work on my knees... see "//" below. :)
~ to get Dexter! I can't believe that we're almost through the season... (freaking show is a phenomenon).
~ that all the good gods of safe-travel... watch over my sweet friend, imnxt... who can't help but make me smile.
~ that militantmomma enjoyed that... because I'll guessing ... it's the last one with the big guy in red. )
~ to virtually give hisbeauty a high five... VH5...
~ and that giggly_girl gets to a better vibe soon.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday caranya... where ever you are! I hope you and your little nugget are doing wonderfully and that you have a lovely birthday.
And to nightvixen... My distant "moari maiden of the blade"... may this birthday bring you great smiles ... and time to tend to all your avitars!
... and happy birthday alicenwndrln. May there be soft rain to dance in... and hearts on fire.

Fluorescent lighting at war with the brilliance of mother nature.
The long glaring tubes win... because nature - it seems - is reserved for the real employees, and their window seats.
So I walk another well-lit corridor, passing an endless parade of the slightly familiar faces that I don't actually know, or get to know.
Being careful not to overreact to the rare work-acquaintance that makes an effort to hold the casual friendship threads.
Come in... get sorted... get your work done... and get out.
And don't let the door hit you as you go.
If it wasn't for family... there would precious little.
So I think of you as family
... and now you know why.

I've got this friend... Vaun... (I've mentioned before)... who deserves to have wings glued to every picture of him that is ever printed. :)
He lives on the other side of the continent... but he always knows when to show up in force.
If I complain about some body part that I've tortured by continuing to think I'm indestructible, he shows up in my in-basket with comprehensive instructions on exercise and physical therapy to address said pain-in-corto.
My biggest issues, physically, as the year moves along are to get my body ready to either survive skateboarding or survive skiing.
I'm working on my knees for the season of snow.
This means I need to be doing very regular work to build up the muscles that keep me from spending the season with a cane. :)
And I have every intention of skiing my heart out this year. :)
So this is me, very publicly, thanking Vaun for being a friend-out-of-the-blue and committing so much energy to helping me out.
Thanks man...
You truly do rock. :)

december 4 is a'comming... :( ahhh!

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