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Sunday, November 30

~ bad-ass mohawk boy... cuz that's just how I roll...

Mad consumerism saturday (MCS) came and went...
and we ended the day with family-night-at-the-movies...
Hancock in the theater room. :D
~ we'll watch Baby-Mama tonight I think... :)

Its a very typical November weekend... with mild weather... snow and icy roads.
Tomorrow I have to dive into a new and very fast paced contract... with client #3.
So I have my regular day-to-day client from now till April... (#1)
The slow client that wants the moon, from Washington ... (#2)
And tomorrow... which is really back to my previous client for a little more (#3).
I will truly enjoy the three weeks I'm taking at Christmas. :)

~ up kinda early... out the door with Geo to volunteer at a breakfast thing... served 60 breakfasts. :)
AND !!!!!! I got to carry a wee little 4 month old baby around for ages... so so so so very good for my heart to do that... :D
~ home again... and planning on being a lazy bum all the rest of the day. :)
~ well, except for the working with Ed on his homework, cooking dinner and making kids lunches and getting ready for client #3 tomorrow. :)
~ that teaser doesn't end up being "renditioned" to Syria because of her nuclear associations...
~ for gillian16 to remember that it's all about just-muddling-through.
~ and for honuhoney to enjoy that nice warm little pussy... :)

Birthday moments...
So... from yesterday... Saturday, November 29 ... that I went through thinking it was november 28, btw...
Happy birthday Suzy-sugar-q (lakme). I see you're going on a sabbatical... well, I hope the world treats you fair and that the year ahead is a worthy reward for the year that you just tucked away. :)
And again with the late... happy birthday abbeyrd. May your little-mac come home healthy and happy. :)
And to smooshiefaceinc... Happy birthday... may this year... bring all the amazing things you're planning into the memory zone.
and lastly for yesterday... Happy birthday billie0. I hope you were able to celebrate and that you enjoy the year ahead.
AND for today!!
Happy birthday cloverbee... (and thanks for the laugh). Have a wonderful birthday... and may the year ahead bring you happy surprises.

yeah... you know that "feat. Carlos Santana" example... you see it in MP3 tags all the time... "Feat. so-and-so". It was only last week when I realized it meant "Featuring". I dunno... I sorta thought it was some slang word for when someone performs with the title artist - and yes, I realize that's what "Featuring" means... it just never clicked before. :)
Now you know. :)

Yikes... tomorrow is december? How did that happen?

~ see ya on the flip muchachos y muchachas...
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