Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, November 28

More snow... not lots but... it just keeps on coming.

Watching Jeremiah Johnson with Ed. :)
Geo's gone to a friends for a sleep-over.

Been a bit stressed from work stuff... it's the annual pre-christmas "pile on" of work.

~ more of the "Jeans and tee" thing...
~ work'en from my home office again... wishing I got a heck of lot more done than I did... but what the heck... :)
~ be the "picture of relaxed"...
~ for the peace of a new little love... fills my sweet friend (honuhoney) with happiness...
~ to point out that I'm jealous of n5iln...and his 'copter. :)
~ and to let sodiumbisulfite know that - indeed - every little bit counts. Be proud. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday troz1958... I hope all is well in the wee small town... and that your birthday finds you healthy and happy.
Happy birthday to you too hakuai... and may the world be spinning a little reward your way for the great challenge of your decisions.

I'm sorry but seriously...
Providing ample credit at low rates to people who have never come close to demonstrating the ability to manage the debt or service the interest...
What do you think the government does with the so-called "Bail Out" money?
Provide low interest loans to businesses that can't manage themselves or service debt.

No matter how you slice it...
Walmart is responsible 100% for that employees death today in NY.
People... never fail to demonstrate their willingness to be lead... to be incensed with mob mentality.
But the retailers are the ones that whip it up.
Their mess... their fault.

Forgiving and forgetting
Never the twain shall meet.
Go ahead and try...
Look back and see what you see.
Sad but oh so true.
And the heart of so much that ails us.
All of us...
It should be the goal of every man and woman.
To try and discover the secret...
It's in the trying that you find the fruit

K... see ya. :D

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