Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 27

~ make'en a call...

Happy Turkey Day to all you 'mericans.
Let me guess... there's a big Thanks Giving Day Sale on tomorrow.
~ snicker.

Speaking of "snickers"...
Kinda think it was very well played to have rick personally "rick roll" that float in the Macy's parade. fun.

~ eh... gray ftls,
~ black jeans
~ blue tee and a maroon sweat shirt... 'cuz I'm cold. (I'm just remembering that the brainiac thermostat cools the house down in the day... must go reset it a bit. :)
~ up for the morning kid zone...
~ and then after waving to zee and wishing her a good day... I'm all about my project.
~ I'm "in the zone" with this project... just ripping through the information and setting out the audit docs...
~ making salmon for dinner... and some seasoned boiled potatoes... like, boil them, the season 'em, then roast them for a wee bit. Oh, the salmon is simple... the simplest food in the universe to cook... "put in hot place for a little while, then take it out again... then eat it." (lol... ok, I'm sure I'll season it too... :D)
~ the boys may be in a position to watch Heroes finally... when they have too much home-work... we never get around to family tv shows. :(
~ got some survivor tonight... but I suspect it's going to be a "lets review the season" non-episode episode. So we'll watch an episode of The Mentalist instead.
~ to send a little love out to my lil'sugar-tea (teasdale).
~ for the universe to cut jjnslat a little slack here...
~ and to tell willedit... Misha? the solution is to make sure there are no bags of chips. :)

Mumbai : mad bomber / shooter dudes... wow. But did you see that Taj Hotel? Wicked. Beautiful place... too bad some punks with boom sticks and no freaking brains had to set the place on fire. Good ol "organized religion"... showing it's true colours once again.

99942 Apophis.
I've mentioned this before.
When I first read about it in Pop Sci last year...
You should know about it... you should pay attention.
It is three hundred and ninety meters of solid rock and it's coming our way.
First in 2029 and then again in 2036.
Less than 1 in 8000 change of an impact.

I am amused by the term "boob nazi".
And, truly, a more accurate name could not be found. :)

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