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Amazing Race 13 Update!!

Amazing Race – The Special Olympics Reality Season

Look Ma... I’m Walking!

And they're off... on another journey to remind us just how totally spazzy some grown humans actually can be... No really... this one was all about The Frat idiots. Oh sure... you’re famous now, but dude!!! You will always and forever be that guy trying to march and just... not... getting it. (wow!)

Good Afternoon Race Fans...
(aka "The show, in as few words as possible!")
The ninth leg of the race begins in Kazakhstan and flies to Moscow post haste! Which means another bunch up in the airport – kissing goodbye to any leads anyone had. The Idiots have no shoes – I can just imagine the arguments in the last “mandatory rest period” about wanting to go back to that school and get their shoes. LOL. So they buy shoes IN THE AIRPORT (spaz) because they didn’t realize they’d need shoes while they were in their hotel slippers back in the commercial districts? (spaz). Once in Moscow, it’s life-in-a-cab again – with the range of issues focused on lack-of-communication-skills. Although blowing all your cash on shoes with Moscow cab fares to pay... well... spaz! First to a monastery to snag a clue then a cab to a military camp to run a detour. Dress like a commi-pinko-soldier and get yer jay-steps down or dress like a commi-pinko-soldier and serve borsch to 75 dudes in uniforms. Once you get through the Detour, you’re off to some bakery (another cab) to slog fifty bags of flour off a truck and into this store. From there it’s off to see McSlappy and a pair of underage Russian girls flanking him on the mat. Toni and Dallas finally WIN something... and the freaking idiots (Frats) actually get a pass with a non-elimination round after once again, being total idiots on the journey - and stiffing a moscow cabbie!.

The Good
Good? Okay... maybe Star walking the halls of the airport with Dallas... cute... But they should really make a porno. This would hold my interest. :)

The Bad
The drag queen and her cheater... are just soooo white they freaking glow. And I just do*not*like*her!!!!

The Ugly
Dude... it’s good that we get to see Star tasting a little bit of reality – doing her “ugly”, for a change. She does not do as well with losing as she does with winning.

The Exceptionally Pathetic
The image of Dan trying to march ... is painfully burned into my brain. I didn’t know adult males could actually be that uncoordinated. I mean... it’s walking-while-swinging-your-arms man. God forbid the boy ever have to go somewhere while he’s chewing gum.

The Losers
Ack... no team has ever made me wish for their ouster more than these idiot frat boys. They are just so abnormally dumb. And here they are with a Non-Elimination round. :( Oh well.

The Winners...
A boy and his mom... win a trip for two to Dominica... and I’m guessing mom will be letting Dallas take a friend on that one. :)

Big Winners...
It’s all about Toni and Dallas v. Nick and Star. It’s hard to call... because Star is a hot head that will screw things up and Dallas is not altogether a brainiac... just a nice guy. But you know what they say about nice guys...

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