Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 25

Well we got "proper snow" last night... not a lot but I'm guessing it's the "here to stay" snow. :)
So skiing can't be too far away.

Today is all wet, snowy, rainy and icky... a great day to be in a comfy chair by a fire with a nice warm blanket to wrap up in ...
Alas... (earwax)... it's all about the damned cubicle again. :)

~ Wake up... feed the boys and pack 'em off to school...
~ then GO BACK TO BED with z for a 30 minute GLORY SNOOZE. Oh man... I almost ... almost grabbed a phone and called in dead. Sooooo warm... soooooo comfy. :)
~ hope to write about AR... never got near it last night.
~ have an investment meeting tonight... sigh. Life would be a lot easier if I just had scads and scads of money. :)
~ want WANT to watch Chuck tonight. :D
~ and I'll press "The Big Bang Theory" into iPhone format and get it on the phone to watch at lunch tomorrow.
~ to hug a mouse.
~ that pasticcio finds a really gooooood pair of noise-canceling headphones!
~ for sirenity hold that karma close to her chest and let the smiles pour on out. :)
~ and that cerulean_me, a member of team time bomb, enjoys a safe and lovely #3.

Where, exactly, is all this money coming from... hundreds of billions in England... China... France and again in America... let alone the other, less publicized, bail-out programmes going on elsewhere... Can people honestly not see that all this borrowing from Peter to pay Paul... is only going to delay the inevitable and ultimately ... is going to bite us all (especially our children) in the ass???? What? Everyone will just auto-magically pay it all back? Come on man... We need to knuckle under and take our economic lumps.

Note to self:
Be more careful in selecting a spa
when you once again reach the decision
that you want to have some part of your body waxed.
And no matter what... under no circumstances
should you go for a massage within three weeks of said wax-o-rama.
Yours truly: Count Backula of Backne-vania
(My back currently thinks its the face of an unfortunate 16 year old boy.)
~ give you a dollar to give me a back scratch... (yes, I'll leave the shirt on...)

Blue Diamond smokehouse almonds...
Just say'en... yum.


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