Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 24

~ k, dude... what the heck is that... ?
Like... just forget it's my arm... add in the weird elbow flappy bit, and ... it could be any creepy table leg.
It doesn't even look like it hooks up to my body properly... for an arm.
I'm a cyborg... with detachable table leg parts!!

It's cold.
I'm cold...
I'm pretty much healthy... but I could use a lot more "exercise" to get my blood boiling.
Sadly... I am at a desk in an ugly cubical and breathing reprocessed, infested air and absorbing all the evil that florescent lighting can send at me. :(

~ again... it's a beige monday. :) Wearing the brown belt to go-with the penny'less loafers and feeling like a well dressed young man... Sadly... I'm surrounded by sweatshirts, cowl neck sweaters, t-shirts, jeans and lots of logo-emblazoned long sleeve "I got this at a trade show" shirts. :) lol.
~ Mondays are the massive suckage. Just say'en. All of my projects line up monday morning and want to know how much of me they get this week. Sometimes I think it's a good thing I don't have a carry-permit... :D
~ work work work...
~ write about AR from last night... and continue to laugh when I remember Randy getting the boot on Survivor.
~ to point out that the good vibe that rolls in the life and times of nbbmom ... has been a long time coming and she's earned every split second of it. May this vibe just keep on keep'en on... my little sugar-shack. :D
~ to thank mrs sugar-vaulter..., 1ginacolada for sharing her "I'm preggers and watch me grow!" pictures... honestly, those are some of the most rewarding moments in my Journal Journey. I met you here... so long before any of this was happening... when you wondered what the future held... and here you are... wrapped up in the good love and holding the future in your hands. I am truly happy as all get out for you little sugar-vaulter. :)
~ for militantmomma to keep on holding tight to the land of normal... avoiding the sunday-night-fox-tv-movie-of-the-week that seems to haunt your outter reaches.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday tehdawgfather! I hope all is well and that life is feeding you plenty to be laid back about. :D Have a grand birthday.

Dear Nancy:
There will be plenty of time to relax, rest and fade... when your last breath has escaped.
But between now and then... you absolutely must find the spark that lights the small fire in your life.
Let there be help... because you ask for it.
Let there be love... because you welcome it into your heart.
And let there be comfort... because friends like me are bending all their wishful will towards it finding you.
You are in so many of my thoughts... it's like you're right here. :)

Geek Question
Does anyone out there use DC++, or more specifically "Shakespeer" for file sharing on their MAC???
My niece is diving into DC++ from her dorm at Uni and I'm trying to help her better understand what she's getting into.
Any feedback on DC++ or on Shakespeer would be greatly appreciated. :D :D

Life is cruel prospect
So full of endings
Enough to turn your heart away.
But living... is a better story
This is where your heart belongs
And it's up to you to write those chapters.
Leave the endings to the editors.

~ ok... I gotta go. :)

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