Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 20

Ok, just fricking cold. It's cold.
Brr... "shivering" kind of cold. :(
I want to hold warm things... :)
~ got anything warm I can hold on to?
~ yeah... another busy day in the land of plenty.
~ Today marks the fifth time my clients have made a subtle overture about the likelihood that I would accept a full-time-offer. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! I am going to let it be a compliment that every client wants me to quit my job and come and work for them... and I don't bother to explain to them that I left full-time-government work ... for a reason. :)
~ Survivor tonight. :)
~ that libragirl_77 finds a resolution... if not a solution.
~ for the education game to work out for odyssey_road's lil'Ella.
~ that lynspin enjoys this moment...
~ and that danicia would send me that Fett!!!

Birthday moments...
Today would have been a friends birthday ... a journal friend. Her name? unimportant. She called herself "Miss Diablo"... and she had a couple of goofy Ljs. She was just 20. And had everything going for her... although her angsty relationship with "being a hardass" made it seem like she full of sharp edges... I knew better. I enjoyed talking to her in journal land... and I enjoyed watching her change from a kid to a young woman. I remember when she ... died. She had got her first car... a birthday prezzi that her parents helped her buy. A sensible car for a nonsensical girl. :) She was soooo happy. She wasn't drunk... she wasn't doing anything bad... she just didn't have the experience that would have helped her round that corner and stay in control. Happy birthday Rene. I'm glad I got to know you a little bit. :)
She is the reason I get unwelcome goosebumps every single time I read a journal post from someone about how excited they are to get their first car.

Imagine ... in a few years... that Exxon reports that they're "bleeding red ink" and need a government bail out.
And you remember how they posted record multi billion dollar 1/4'ly profits... QUARTERLY...
Will you feel bad and want to save all those exxon employees their jobs by telling the government to give the oil companies billions and billions of dollars to ... postpone their inevitable?
Well I remember the Big Auto companies posting about their record breaking 1/4'ly profits.
And now... I really think they just poorly managed all that profit.
Leading me to the single thought...

Please scour the internets and find me good links to purchasable Darleks. I remember seeing a USB connected web cam darlek... but I don't want in to be a camera.
Small, cool toy ... is the order of the day. :)

Today... in food.
Warm shredded wheat for breakfast with a mug of coffee.
Had a danish at work with a coffee.
Bought a star-bucks at lunch... and ate the ham/cheese sub I made last night for my lunch.
Lil'packet of roasted almonds.
Fruit cocktail... in water not syrop.
Roasted chicken breast for dinner, with day old bazmatti rice fried in a pan with a little light soya sauce and a can of corn.
More coffee.
I'll have a yogurt and a banana between now and bed.
(no reason... )

~ k... see ya. :)

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