Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 18

Me... at Future Shop returning the Wii I bought 29 days ago (no questions asked return in fine condition is 30 days)...
Still waiting for our Wii to come back from service. Grrrr! It will be 60 days in 9 days... at which point they have to give us a new one.
But for now... 9 days, no Wii. no guitar heroes. :)

~ up and off to a presentation by a regional "user group" thing ... a room full of auditors... just... wow.
~ woke up(jk) and zoomed back to work
~ stopped by my sis's to help her get some hooks in her wall, which we ended up not doing...
~ dentist at the end of the afternooon... no issues... sigh. :D
~ home dinner and then off to Future Shop. grr!!
~ watch Heroes with the fam...
~ kids to bed...
~ and then... finally... relax. :)
~ oh, and make lunches. :)
~ that the turn-things-around fairy finds her way to n5iln...
~ that kay doesn't read: you need a bun to bite, Benny Lava!
~ and that an elevindy tonne* anvil falls on the heads of those lj friends reporting that they've finished the christmas shopping.

... must go... :D

ps. two days... not one iota of a headache. !! very happy.

* tonne. no really... canada. :)

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