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Friday, November 14

Sleeping monkey's morning. :D
It's a PD day at the kids school, so Suz worked Tues so she could take today off (she normally works w-f).
This all translates into me pushing the snoooooooze button several times as I bypass all the time required to get kids up, fed and on their bus.
I got out of bed at 7:45 and was at work by 8:30... er... ok, 8:40. :D
I was up and quietly moving through my process... noting the sleeping monkeys... snooooozing away. :)

It's a bit milder today... cloudy and crappy November'esque mild, but at least it's not ffffffreezing cold.

~ super caz... black jeans, blue long sleeve shirt and my (apparently) lovely argyle sweater. :)
~ and - just say'en - argyle sox on girls... is the sex.
~ hey it's friday... so I will likely work like a dog and watch coworkers leave early... seeing as they're all salaried feds... la la la...
~ write about Survivor ... and last nights episode was resoundingly enjoyable... funny how such a mealy bunch of whiner losers can be so entertaining.
~ that somebody kicks gillian16 in the bum. Not because she wants it... which she does... but because, well... it would be darn fun. :D
~ for greenwavedave to be less of his own critic and more of a "cheerleader"... 'cuz he'd look good in the little skirt... and the argyle sox. :)
~ that bored_of_life64 can duck...
~ and that indigobluejelly doesn't let the boat go by...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Mr. moosifer (one of the very few LJ'ers I've been fortunate enough to meet. :D - I had an ostrich burger that night for dinner... I wonder if they had dolphin on the menu?). I hope the year ahead keeps you in good health and brings you plenty of new things to laugh about. :)
And happy birthday to phatmommadee... I hope there are little surprises in store for you... and whatever comes... may the year ahead keep you safe and happy. :)

It says more than folks seem to think when they turn to their religion during times of struggle and strife.
At least the jews seem to think their religion is worth celebrating... as opposed to using it as a chalice to collect the pathetic tears of people when their lives are totally suck'en the marrow from their bones. "Waa waaa waaaaaa... things suck. I know! Lets go to church."
And if you think that is offensive... try sitting in the cubicle next to me when I'm enjoying the back-beat of the song on my headphones. LOL

LOL... Tyra Banks... aka: Mz Ego-The-Size-of-A-Planet, reports the findings of her on-line poll on teenage sexuality or sexual-excess.
I'm sorry ... but what a load.
Stop The Presses.
Young people are experimenting with SEX .... actual S*E*X in early highschool.
Oh My God... what has the world come to.
"We need better sex education."
Ahhhh... that's why they pay you the big bucks you massive brainiac.
Gosh... you reached that conclusion all by yourself?
Did you use a crayon to write it down?

I have to say... this weeks Sarah Connor Chronicles was finally an exciting episode.
And I don't care if she's Metal... John needs to get his freak on with Summer (Cameron) and soon.
Oh and in a totally unrelated, but still TV centered, note: Dan Humphrey ... is an idiot.
And I've run out of all patience for Serena - mindless fleeb.
~ truly... tv is all about what *I* want... :D

ps. Man... something is wrong in the land of me.
Ever since I got off work... my neck has been cramping up and now? Now I'm back on the advil and heating up the bean-bag-neck-warmer-thing. :(
not happy. !! Three nights in a row? And it's not a migraine... or at least it doesn't feel like migraines feel on the start up...

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