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Thursday, November 13

yeah... wake up... still have headache.
Not fun.
But I had big work, so I did the dedicated-worker-bee thing and popped advil and headed in.
We were expecting a bad vibe of freezing rain... which never really materialized... just rain.
Headache dogged my every step until about 1:00 ... somewhere between there at 3:00 it receded.
And then I bolted.
Left early... still felt like ass, so screw it.
I hit EB Games on the way home to pick up Geo's "pre-ordered" copy of wrath of the lich king or whatever it's called... got a poster with it. Geo = happy. He's been waiting ages and holding onto EB Game "gift cards" in anticipation. :)

Bought another crappy (sunbeam - programmable) coffee maker.
Our old (what? 8 months old?) sunbeam ... just totally died.
Woke up this morning... no coffee. :(
I work beside HARD-CORE coffee geeks... one dude has an ornate vaccuum coffee maker thing (that he actually uses) and the other guy has a complete [ :: technivorm :: ] brewer (dare ya to call it a coffee-maker!) :D
They make me drool over coffee brewers... but I'm going to stick with el-cheepo for a while. :)

~ finish rewrites of the presentation and main report the clients want me to present to the "management organization"... lol, gonna be a room full-to-the-rafters with people... but that's not till mid december. :)
~ home... after several errands to have an easy dinner and just... chill out. :(
~ hope to watch Survivor later. :)
~ that a very good and caring adorable woman with red hair and freckels from here to there... is blessed with good fortune in the hard decisions she has to make... oh, and I'm talking to you sugar-gills... (gillian16)
~ for the gods of personal empowerment... to find libragirl_77 and bonk her on the head with the magic scepters.
~ to send good squishy lj love to innerly for no good reason other than... well... for no reason. :D
~ and that shooshoo ... stays safe... and doesn't have to talk with her boom-stick!!

If news agencies wanted to actually "do the right thing"... they would report on the occasion of kidnappings in the middle east as "Another western civilian was kidnapped in Afghanistan today (or whatever country) and leave it at that. No names... no "groups" or "organizations"... Don't give the kidnappers any power at all.
Of course... they only do this... when it's a salaried employee of the news agency that gets snatched.
The rest of them can suck-it while they make their market-share with big news ratings.

Yeah so... the whole "have a happy period" thing...
Response was cordial... even reserved.
See... it could go like this:
comment: "oh sure,... nice and judgmental there corto... way to denigrate women and play up the stereo types... ass"
corto: "Let me guess..."
comment: "You did not say that..."
corto: "... and?"
click clack moo... unfriend.*
So with none of that happening... I figure I dodged it this time.
See you with the same subject in six months or so when it gets annoying again. :)

I'm going to go play the "Sponge Bob Square Pants" version of "Life" with Ed...
See ya. :)

* click-clack-moo : One of my top 10 all time fav childrens books...

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