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Amazing Race 13 Update!!

Amazing Race – The Special Olympics Reality Season

Painted Ladies

And they're off... into a freaky freaky land that takes it’s whack-a-doodle religious celebrations only seriously enough to totally lay the smack down on Kelly while practically letting Marie Osmond by with a pat on the left cheek. Oh it was fun! :D (seriously) It’s all about the chafe and the wheat tonight as simple things become insurmountable and … did I mention the smack-down thing and Kelly… bwaahahahahahaha….

Good Afternoon Race Fans...
(aka "The show, in as few words as possible!")
Kicken it at the B’hai Faith Galactic HQ they put on their go-fast shoes to play Indian cabby-roulette (“Do you know where this is?” “Oh yes… thank you very much… I go… get in.” blink blink… FAIL.) They gotta find this apartment complex, find a park, get a clue and play roadblock with a bunch of locals playing “We throw powdered dye and water of many colours at you as an honour to our god.” Funniest bit this season… hard core. That sends them next to a bird-hospital, where the drag queen and her cheater-boy get speed-bump’ed to go give water to another gang-oh-religious-ness. Then it’s back to bird-land to clue it off on the Detour. This was to either trace a power line down a busy Delhi street or crush a bunch of chili powder. This took all day … and it’s off to Mr. Paddles and his little mat. Donnie and Marie get another romantic holiday for two to Hawaii and the creepiness just keeps-on-a-climbing. But, oh joy oh bliss, the divorcees come in last and are beheaded on the spot… er, well, kicked off the show. :)

The Good
DID YOU SEE Marie (Star) skate through the Roadblock? Holy smokes… that set them wwwwway ahead, but who cares… right? The real fun was watching Terry-the-Five-Year-Old get nailed with fists full of dye… or Kelly – over and over and over and over… oh my freaking god. After all this time… the fact that they were undone because THEY DIDN’T READ THE CLUE is just a mind numbing slap of reality about how disconnected from reality two women can be and yet still manage to survive. (The idea was that you had to run through the gauntlet of this guys (and girls?) armed with water and powdered dye and they just threw gobs of it at you as you ran by – unless you are Marie, in which case, you get a little tossed over and …eh, that’s it. Then you were to climb a ladder and search through this wrack of fake clues for the real one. Kelly kept just grabbing a random one without actually “looking” and having to get through the gauntlet over and over. AND watching the other teams show up, nail it, and leave… and then there goes Kelly for another useless run through the colours – Dude, she was treacle when it was over. Oh, and the drag queen … totally got green hair. That was cool.)

The Bad
The frat boys and the divorcees AGAIN did not read the Detour clue and just jumped to conclusions about how to record reference numbers from this “trace the path of a power line on a busy street” thing. Just over and over, getting it wrong… wrong… wrong… wrong… Stunning, actually. Then the Drag Queen catches up (with her little cheater-boy in tow), shows them what’s what and then vaults ahead of them. But geeze… dumb dumb dumb…

The Ugly
Oh how I was praying that Terrance was going to rub his eyes with his chili encrusted fingers…
Alas … (earwax) the only ugly thing, besides the Drag Queen in general, would have to be the whole “god bless you” thing she was giving to the locals.

The Exceptionally Pathetic
Yeah, you “divorcees” … did not come across very well in this show. It was typified by this segment where they were joking like little bitchy girls in grade eight about “making out” with Dan-Drew… it was pretty pathetic. And telling your cabby to leave when he dropped you at the Dye Job… sucka!!!

The Losers
Just… desserts.

The Winners...
Ew. I mean… give ‘em go carts or something… come on Flipper, this is getting way creepy. At least have Dallas bawl Marie in a public rest room or something.

Big Winners...
New week… same game. Donny and Marie pulling in for the win, out-lucked by Dallas and Mom. :D

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