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Tuesday, November 11

Well there were some sunny moments in the early morn... but that's history now.
Mostly though... it's just cold. All the leaves are down and the snow hasn't fallen yet... so the forests look endless and strange.

ug... this means I have to put some serious time into the christmas lights soon.
I guess this coming weekend is the target. (prays for sun)

~ er... now? shorts, a blue tee and long sleeve shirt too. :)
~ but I was all dressed up earlier...
~ oh, and it is indeed freezing but it's also laundry day.
~ up at the break of dawn... waking up family...
~ feeding everyone... waving goodbye to everyone...
~ and relaxing into actually waking up. :)
~ had a conference call for a while...
~ and a trip downtown to drop off stuff at the galactic core
~ home again home... :)
~ getting boat loads of work done... so ... that's good.
~ (would rather laze about on the sofa ... !! grrr)
~ Heroes tonight. (taped)
~ to send a little "cooling karma" towards baybabayba...
~ that minarets doesn't listen to the little voices...
~ that I could eat these butter-oatmeal cookies all day long...
~ and wbahner enjoyed hooking up his new gear. (new gear = good, almost always... even when it sucks... it's still new. :D)

Tell us a story, soldier boy
And don't leave anything out
Scare the kids and make me shudder
Close your eyes and be transported
Show me that fear, the regret and disgust
Let the liars talk about heroes and success
Yours is the story we will need tomorrow
So tell me a story, soldier boy
And I'll do my best to remember

(sings) "Ohhhhhh... tell me tell me tell me...
Who wrote book of love..."
Um... not any of the dim bulbs that supported Proposition 8...
Way to be dickheads.

Friendship ... doesn't test itself.
It's too afraid of failure.

~ k... see ya muchachos y muchachas...

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