Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, November 10

Oh man... just BRRRRRR!
K, it's November again. I mean, ok, it always was, but it sure didn't feel like it last week.
Now, however, we're back in the brrrrr.

Tomorrow is a federal government "stat" holiday in Canada.
So my #1 client is off...
This means I work for client #2 all day at home...
and I got a lot to get done.
Like "cram a week into tomorrow"...
Ah well. At least I got work.
And at least I don't have to drive away from a nice warm house tomorrow.
Did I mention the brrrrr part of things? :D

~ work work work...
~ spaghetti dinner
~ a visit to chapters
~ a visit to my folks house
~ and home again to get kids a'bed and find my way to... here, now. :)
~ that I get a crap load of work done tomorrow
~ for some good mojo to find galebird tomorrow. :)
~ that little Miss Can't-help-herself-into-me, minarets keeps on feeling better.
~ that justholly remembers that the rule is: "Do not sprinkle salt on, and then chomp on, the pop-stars!"
~ and to send some positive vibes off to the big-west, so they can find hisbeauty

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada. 11 AM, 11 Day, 11 Month...
I'm all for it... solemn and the lot... just trying to conceive of Vimmy is enough.
However... it pisses me off too.
The "slogan"... if such a day qualifies for something as pedestrian as a "slogan" is;
"Lest We Forget"
The big assumption being that you'll put the whole thought together yourselves.
"We'll never do that again!! Remember... Lest we forget."
But they don't actually say "what" it is that we will never do again.
Meanwhile: another billion dollars is spent on marginally good gear to equip a marginally big force achieving marginally sustainable results in a country that has a marginal grip (at best) on any concept of government or law&order. And quite a few young soldiers who were anything but marginal... arrive home in boxes.
So... yeah, I'm looking at the big world and thinking,
what ever it is... I think we forgot ages ago.

I had a "work is..." comment here a minute ago, but ... you know...

I should be getting my books soon... the rest of the "OtherLand" series.
"City of Golden Shadow" has waited in my head for so long. :D :D

~ :)
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