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Sunday, November 9

Coming to you live from the nepean sportsplex... Watching Ed's squash lesson. :)

Today was very off and on with the weather. But I seem to only remember the sunny bits. :) oh and I slept till 11 this morning... I never do that ... At least not without resulting headaches... I feel fine. (big smiles)

~ mad consumerism
~ operation "job jar"
~ Ed to squash...
~ family movie night ( journey to the center of the earth... New one)
~ a little something sweet to find [:: you ::]

I'll have a big smile when they release an interface for a Bluetooth keyboard that works with an iPhone... Typing this much text is onerous.... Ug!

Anyone have a full-back tattoo?
I am much intreged lately... Beyond my now standard fantasy of tracing the lines of tattoos across a heavily canvases womans body. I'm thinking one that reaches out onto the back of my upper arms.

~ dum di dum...

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