Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, November 7

Sunshine... thank you thank you thank you. :)
I managed to get a glorious sleep last night... but the best part of weeknight sleeps (lately) has been waking up with the alarms and going in to each kids room to snuggle with them for a few minutes before force'en 'em up and into their showers. They're very cuddly in the mornings. :D Ed (10 years old) still lays there wanting me to dress him... so he refuses to actually wake up until he's dressed. :D lol. That'll change one day soon and like the passing of all little stages... I will miss it when it's gone.

~ black jeans... black tee and blue button up shirt. :) Oh, and my airwalk black and white tenny's. :D
~ to totally dig a beautiful day... sadly I spent it in an ugly cubicle...
~ except for the lunch hour!!! I escaped... I bolted for the skate park (rain and proper November cold in the forecast) to get the last park-skate in for the season. :D :D :D :D
~ make bosses happy and then hit home for a dinner party somewhere tonight... It's my SIL's 50th birthday... so we're having a big greek fest to celebrate. :)
~ edit: I'm a spaz... the greek celebration is tomorrow night. :) I made a big shrimp dinner. :D
~ that I get a chance to post this after I get home from work. :D :D
~ for my friend rini to enjoy a little respite from life's endless bag of daggers. :D (wohoo!!)
~ and that Ed doesn't get a full-on-cold. :(

Birthday moments...
A big splashy happy birthday to pamdewind... may there be bright fortunes, great health and baskets of happiness in your family this year. I hope you enjoy your birthday sugar-pams... :D
To the long lost yupjustme... happy birthday sugar.
And a quiet little shout out to a friend for whom things did not work out.... HB Brian.

You know... Obama winning the election... is a lot like Deep Thought explaining why the answer is 42... (it didn't, I know).
It's like there's a sudden vacuum in the world of things to complain about ... and I don't mean me (I know I know)...
I mean the talking heads on tv talk shows.
But never fear... your favorite talking heads will find something to complain about... I promise. :)

Imagine if you lived in a town that had a tootsie roll factory.
And half the town worked at the factory.
And... you know... the economy slows down...
And ... tootsie rolls are not necessarily your special cuppa...
Although you have had your more-than-fair-share of them... because... you support the factory.
But the guys at the factory... they only know how to make tootsie rolls,
and with folks not buying as many, the bosses are thinking they might have to scale back.
Besides, mars-bar factory in the next town makes a mighty yummi bar too.
Well, then all heck breaks loose.
The union at the factory is protesting the cut backs... and making public appeals to get people to eat more tootsie rolls.
The bosses are asking the government for money, like tax breaks and low interest loans... funded by tax dollars, btw...
All in an effort to ensure that they can maintain production and not cut back workers.
What should happen?

Can you explain this to General Motors and Ford for me?

oh my goodness ... there are a gazillion "learn to speak spanish" apps for the iPhone...
Much research awaits...


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