Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 4 (Obama Day)

Welcome home Sunshine...
... and yes, I am suggesting that Sunshine lives here. When it's where you are... it's just visiting.
Unless you live here, which most of you don't.
Be nice to her when she visits... It's just no fun when she comes home all tired and used up.
For the rest of this week... I expect she will be officially in her glory.
Personally, I think she's got a lover somewhere out there... she goes to visit, fulfills sunny fantasies one, two and three...
Then comes home to glow... and we get to bask in it.
So ... let me be the first to say a big heart felt thank-you to whom ever it is that is satisfying her in this grand way.
She's so happy... all warm and making sunbeams.

~ it's a blue day... (and no, that's not a reflection of anything political... i don't actually own enough red clothes to have a "red day". :D)
~ dark trousers... new g-g-g-g-gorgeous dress shirt... new tommy tie and (ooops) the same old belt...
~ I need to cut a couple of inches off the belt (it's got this cool "clasp" gizmo for shortening it... I just have to not decide to shorten it when I'm rushing out of the house in the morning. :D)
~ but I changed into Jeans and a sweatshirt before I snapped the pic. :)
~ well... today was to be "the day". 9:30 meeting with the bosses bosses boss... presentation material all printed up in colour and reviewed... feeling smarty-pants and ready.
~ cancelled. frack. fracke'dy frack frack frackish frack.
~ rescheduled till tomorrow morning at 9:00. sigh. So another tie tomorrow. :)
~ planning on watching some tv tonight... oh I wonder what I'll watch... hmmm? decisions decisions... hahaha...
~ one wish today... black is beautiful baby... let it be so.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to webdiva... who... I believe, got herself hitched on Halloween??? Where ever you are... I hope all is well and that you are having a lovely birthday. :)

There have been so many movies, tv shows and books that were set in the "near future" and highlighted their "forward thinking'ness" by illustrating America as being led by a black president. It feels like it will be a validation of the future if Oblam-blam-blam-ah wins... and a kick in the nadz if he doesn't. Sorta like a big wave of future-denial will wash over the world if he loses.
~ you may wonder... you may ask yourself "why does this Canadian boy care so much about our election?" (assuming, of course, that you're an American - hence the "our").
~ and if you do... wonder this... ask that... then you need to unstick your head from the bucket it's in. Seriously. Fortress America lost it's last fence post with the last loan it asked China for... You (America) are part of the big wide world now... no longer apart, carving your path through the wild. This is the really big reason why I think a "culture of change" needs to take hold... and that - of course - is why Barak ought to be the leader.
So... lets all hope for a brightly black future.

Had a big gang over for dinner last night.
I still managed to have a relatively quiet dinner with one of my BILs in the dining room, while the gang ate at the kitchen table.
We had an intersting conversation. Mostly the "interesting" part was stuff he was explaining... but I listened "interestingly". :D :D
Among other things... he explained something Jeff Rubin (CIBC Bank) said about five years ago in a speech to a group he (BIL) was a part of...
(Paraphrase) "Canadians have to come to their banker on their hands and knees if they want to renegotiate a mortgage.
And even then... there are penalties, fees and endless paperwork.
In the US, folks get to renegotiate when ever they see a modest drop in interest rates.
And the renegotiation isn't to lower payments or speed up the close out...
No... it's to up the amount borrowed while retaining the monthly payment.
So, for example, a 200K mortgage becomes a 250K mortgage if a borrower can keep the payment the same.
Then a 250K mortgage becomes a 300k mortgage... and so on.
And what do folks typically do with those lump sums?
They spend it... on new cars, new toys, vacations, home renovations, special schools for junior...
Certainly not "invest it" or any other wealth-creating concept.
Then... the economy turns around a little bit and interests rates go up a bit.
Everybody is hosed and hosed good.
Including the idiot bankers that were letting borrowers borrow to the limits of a house's value.
Because... interest rates go up and house values go down... then it's not just the idiot borrowers going down.
It's the banks that have 8 billion in loans backed by 7 billion in houses, with whole bunch of clients that can't make the new - higher - payments.

Five years ago.

Lay beside me... and whisper in spanish to me about the things you dream of.
And watch the goose bumps rise across the length of my body.
Ask me for anything... and see how you can overpower my free will.

~ later sk8rs. :)

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