Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, November 2

It's sunday... it's sunny... it's lovely outside.
Translation: Slave time in the yard. :( Got to wrap up some plants and little trees.
I think I'll bring the camera and see what I see. :)

We had a quiet Saturday night (we typically have quiet-saturday-nights. :D).
Geo had a sleep over on halloween but that boy just got sicker and sicker... he ended up in bed early and slept late, while I ferried his friend home on Saturday morning.

I did moderate "mad consumerism"... the Saturday morning grocery bonanza and I even managed to hit WallyLand and buy a belt... reversible... brown and black!! (first brown belt... in my entire life... I think...)

~ big breakfast for the boys...
~ made loads of bacon to use in salads this week...
~ yard work... a'plenty.
~ Ed has squash tonight... and ??? no idea about dinner yet.
~ to point out that indigobluejelly... is the snaz. :) (go see her friends music vid [ :: here :: ]
~ and that tonya survives the drama... some family drama... is not solvable...

Birthday moments...
Happy Day Late Birthday to Cathy... (canuckgirl), a treasured friend for... seems like forever. :) I hope you're enjoying your mini vacation and that the year ahead brings you a few surprises. Be well my little sugar... I'll never run out of happy about having had the chance to meet you on your visit to Ottawa. :D

Yeah... a republican on the radio told me that Oblam-blam-blam-ah was "just like Castro."
Ye Gods people... could you be any more fucked up about your political polarization?
Nothing like a contentious election to turn moderately intolerable folks into horrible freakazoids.

We sat down with the boys... to watch The Shining.
Sweet mercy.
We stopped before the last grizzly hour... to put them to bed (bwaahahahahaha) and promised to watch the last hour today.
I'd prefer to watch it with them in daylight thank-you-very-much.
Redrum... redrum.
Tony wants to go and play...

Thank you to ossie for pointing out that you need to be mindful of using the "door viewer" deal on your camera ... in that you must not "fix it" in place... or risk damaging the little tiny motor the moves the lens back and forth. My little deal (previous post) has to be "held in place over the lens"... it's not stuck on. :D

peace frog... blue sunday. :)
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