Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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Friday, October 31 Boo! :D

Boo! :)

So last night was all about decorating... taking care of Geo... and carving pumpkins. :)
We got around to watching the season premiee of 30 Rock, but didn't get anywhere near Survivor. Maybe I can get that in tonight.

The Crack Head... (Lucy Nature - tend to think of "Lucy" as an appropriate name for a woman of low virtue... but please, if your name is Lucy, don't be offended... I just don't actually KNOW ANYONE IN THE WORLD personally, who's name is Lucy... Mother Nature is offically a woman-of-low-virtue these days. :D)

So yeah, The Crack Head blessed us with warm weather, if a tad bit windy.
So the early snow is quickly vanishing and the kids are all chomping at the bits of their various costumes and pillow cases.

In our "hood"... we have two big ass hay wagons, pulled by a couple of major John Dear lawn tractors... drag all the kids around the street, going from house to house (everyone is on 2 acre lots, so it's a heck of a "wander" if they're just a'walking. Result? The door bell rings and there's sixty kids standing in your front yard. :) It is kinda precious to see... I'll try and get pictures. :D

I've got to sort out the bosses letting me off a bit early so I can zoooooooooooooom home to get actual dinner in the little goblins mouths. The fun should be getting under way at about 5:45.

For now... it's all about sunshine and blessed warmer weather. :)

~ work work work...
~ escape and play play play... It's friday... and lately, I've been a real Friday Fan. I truly despise working... I mean, I do it and I try to be "good at it"... but I'd much rather be a kept man living a life of leisure and luxury. :D (somebody flip me a small fortune and I'll follow my dreams... mmmk?)
~ that nbbmom is enjoying her adventure at someone elses themed halloween wedding. :D (sounds like it's going be a blast).
~ and that the veeta girl, (nerdular) get's her coping skills back... :D

Not sure if I just got hosed or what...
But I've been a searching for books 2, 3 and 4 of the Tad Williams OtherLand series at local used-book-stores for ages... and finally gave up, to search them out on Amazon.
I found 'em... and, of course, there were several "used" options available, so I bought all three... and the prices were like... 3 and 4$. cool huh? Yeah, well after all the freaking shipping and handling was added in, I ended up at a grand total, all-in price of 31freakingdollars. Grrrrrr. I did the whole deal on the iPhone and I just wasn't paying enough attention to the "shipping" charges... my bad.
Oh well... at least I'll FINALLY get the books in my hungry hands and be able to finish a story I began ... four years ago!! :)

Do you enjoy your geekiness? Do you enjoy the interwebs?
You really should. :)

My Darth Vader pumpkin impressed the boys... but as I continue to search out images... I see that my rendering of his head was somewhat short. :D
It's like I have a Chad Vader pumpkin. (oh my god, chad vader is freaking hilarious. :D :D :D :D :D)

~ see you in pictures later. :D

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