Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 30

Ok... today is a good day.
Not so hot for Geo... he's sick in bed today. Sore throat... and tomorrow's halloween! :(
But besides that...
It's sunny... warming up... beautiful blue sky with fuzzy white smudges every now and then.
I'm not at client #1's offices. :)
I'm in my home "study" today working for client #2.

Pictures from today...

The "daily cam pic" is shot on the computer in our "home office" which is a bedroom used by z and I to host out desks, book shelves and desk-top pcs.
When I have to actually 'work'... I don't sit in there.
I sit in the "front room" or the "study"... the original house plans had it as a living room with a big open wall, but we nixed that (nobody ever sits in their living room... wtf is that?).
Now it's a room with a french door, a huge window and a smaller window on another wall.
It is my second most favorite room in this house. :)
(First place goes to the kitchen... we built this house to build the kitchen... everything else kinda "surrounds the kitchen".)
~ you can see a pretty comprehensive gallery of pictures [ :: here ::] - and I have lots and lots and lots of pictures to update that gallery with... (one of million pieces of paper in my "free time job jar"), but you can see the whole house there. It includes the history of building the house. (all the videos of building the house are [ :: here :: ]).

~ black ftls, black tee, and black jeans... er, and white sox.
~ a whole bunch of development on something called a Val-IT assessment. Something I'm doing for one of my clients...
~ run an errand to the store to get cream and fish (sole for dinner)... hit starbucks... and home again.
~ do the remaining halloween decorate'en.
~ watch survivor... watch 30 ROCK!!! :D :D
~ I could get my act together to be downtown and find harleydog and her little baby for a coffee break
~ that my friend... the honey... er, the honuhoney... manages to get sorted out ... and there is some bizarre silver lining for this moment of frustration.
~ for the wonderful story that the life and times of whatilove has given me in the last couple of years ... continue into this - going to be - wonderful winter. :)
~ that indianasweetie manages to remember that there's always chance to say "if"... but that doesn't make them useful or right.
~ and to send a few really good vibes out to aprilfool29 hoping she's catch a break or two and ... to get a good nights sleep. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to beachdog... a man with a journal that always seems to give me something to be entertained by. :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday... and that the year ahead gives you back a little of the good karma that escapes from you.
Happy birthday to circe... May there be a reward for the trials you are enduring and I do so truly hope this next year finds things much improved and all kinds of good things out there for you to be smiling about.

Ok... I stand corrected. Oh-blam-blam-blam-ah didn't spend 200 mil on the tv show thing... apparently it was only 3 million.
Which leads me to wonder why the Kevlar-Muppet is saying he can't afford it.

I'm sorry, but the assembled "sticks in the mud" that are seeing that Obama show as some kind of a negative... just boggle my mind.
I'm 46 years old... My university degree was in Poli-Sci... my seminar was a study of The Politics of Influence in the US Gov.
I'm saying that because I'm trying to illustrate that I've been interested in US elections and the process they run through... for more that a generation.
And this is the first time I've seen anything like that.
Call it an infomercial if you want... In fact, the name works for me.
It was a solid half hour, uninterrupted, of someone giving me information and selling me on an idea.
And this "someone" is a contender for the Big Chair in Almost Round Room.

I sat Geo down last night and asked him to watch it with me.
We paused several times to talk about what ever had just been said.
I wanted him to understand that there's no guarantee that Obama can actually "do" everything he said he wants to do - if he's elected.
But at least he's willing to say he plans on trying to do these things.
And contrasting typical election platform information ... we came away from the show with a better sense of knowing who/what Obama is.

There is no escaping the fact that this is a turning point election in the big-picture of US political history.
It doesn't matter who wins... it'll still be a turning point.
Personally, I hope the turning point is framed by the circumstances of having a black leader and a massive reworking of the big US engine.

Two points worth adding to the million things worth thinking about when the prospect of change presents itself...
~ if you had a "counter" that presented a running tally of all the money spent by the US Fed on a second by second basis... it would boggle your mind to see the numbers flying by. When the party in power changes... there will be a resulting tremendous slow down in the speed of spending. A lot of things go to ground to hide or to get re-evaluated and US taxpayers will save a bundle. There may be long term "policy" driven things that blow a lot of money but that's true for either winner... but the "spending slow down" only happens when there's a change.
~ if the democrats win... there will be a surge in spending by privately funded organizations as they reposition their political influence... in so many ways it's hard to conceive of them all. I'm no economic guru... but I think there's a lot be said for the positive impact on the economy to turn on the private sector taps for a while ... especially while the governments taps are thinning for a short while. This would be true if it were a democratic party in power being replaced by republicans too... it's just a feature of "change".

Bottom line: regardless of your political posture, change is frakking good man... change is good.

The leaves are gone. :(

Have a great day muchachos, y muchachas...

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