Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 29

Well well well... Look what mother nature did last night... That raging crack whore went and done dumped a winter on us.
The wind got freaky strong... the house was making strange noises as it took the brunt of a wind whipped up across the "out in the country" landscape.
The kids got down at a good time... and zee... working herself pretty damned hard at her work-out classes... (trainer, and all that) was out like a light by 11:00...
So I collected my thoughts... had a chat with the admiral... and made my way to the tv room to strike up the Wii guitar heroes thing.
But then I too hit the hay... only to wake up at 1:00 ... and see a completely dark, and silent house.
No little green numbers on the alarm clock...
No power anywhere. It was still blowing like maybe Gordon Lightfoot was fixen to write a song about it...
I was sure there be no school bus service (they wimp out when it's slippery).
I awoke again at about 7:45 when I could hear the furnace warming things up... so the power was back.
On went the radio and within minutes suz and I realized that the schools were open, and buses - we'd totally missed the kids bus - were running.
So up we all got and got busy with the morning flip out.

It's a white world... but the weather idiots say it's going to warm up and melt all this before Friday's Halloween deal. :)
Fingers are crossed.

~ a warm sweater!!!!
~ had a total plan and very big prep vibe for a big presentation today... which was canceled. sigh. Rescheduled till Tuesday. :(
~ Wednesday is our "no plans night". No work outs for Zee... no extra stuff for the boys and no plans for me. I'm thinking a nice dinner and lots of games. :)
~ that lynspin keeps her eyes on the prize... and off the distractions...
~ to just take a minute to acknowledge what a dear and true friend ayoub has been ... for so many years...
~ for shebear to have grand turns of fortune... just cuz I do honestly think she's all that...
~ and that amythyst's "alma mater" ... just keeps on bringing the important news to the alumni. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my own private Nancy... (crayolaphoenix) May there be sweet surprises... moments of family goodness... love and happiness... all throughout the year ahead. :)
Happy birthday travellingstar... may the year ahead keep you and your job ... together. :) I hope you had a wonderful day.

I think I'll watch Obama spend 200 million dollars tonight. :)

There is something intoxicating about the experience of doing something that your brain can't keep up with.
This is at the very heart of why I'm all up on the skateboarding thing... but that intoxication gets amped up by the inherant physical danger involved.
But it also applies to something like a video game... and here I'm thinking about DDR and / or Guitar heroes.
I could go on and on about DDR but I only experienced this for the first time last night... with guitar heroes.
It's like ... you're doing this thing... and in the back of your mind you hear a little voice screaming ' WOW You're doing it... go baby go baby goooooooo'
But you can't let that voice out... because the second you do... you lose it and screw everything up.
I was totally in this cool zone last night with the GH and ... I enjoyed myself immensly. :)

THE BEST product placement line EVER in a tv show. (Chuck)
"No need, I got 'em all on my Zune!"
"You have a zooooone?"
"ahh... are you kidding me? No, I have 'em all on my iPod."
~ I had to wipe away tears of laughter when I first heard this... :D :D :D :D


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