Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 26

Suz, working on a school project with Ed... his legs are over my other shoulder. :D

Yeah... well it rained all day yesterday... loads and loads.
Today is much warmer... but gray never-the-less. :(

I went out for pumpkins with Geo... and we hit "Party Mart"... the "it store" for halloween costumes. I walk around a corner and see a familiar face, so I say "hey coffee girl..." (She's a young woman that works at the starbucks I go to most often and we often share a few words) She says "hi" back... and then we both realize I'm looking at her wearing a totally trashy nurse costume... LOL. She was trying it on... and it... um... fit. :) I'm not sure who was more embarrassed. :) (snicker)

~ busy sunday... starts with a blessed sleep-in. :)
~ halloweeny shopping ...
~ some guitar hero... (holy hard)
~ making a nice shirmp-dinner...
~ taking Ed to his squash lesson
~ editing a homeowners association newsletter
~ enjoying sunday night tv... if I'm lucky.
~ that irishgypsie gets her picture in the paper.
~ to send some peaceful vibes out to willedit
~ and to smile at lynspin as she enjoys a little stability in her world. :)

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... happy birthday mysticprincess. I hope all is well and that this note finds you having a great recovery from a wonderful birthday.
A very happy (today) birthday to my friend Bethina! (odyssey_road) who's picture I have only accidentally seen... maybe ONCE. :) May there be many phone calls home from the school... because they've become all too PC about halloween. :) (I hope you have a lovely birthday and that the year ahead keeps you and your family safe, healthy and happy.

Dear Google Adsense:
Why the heck are my "link based adverts" showing up in Spanish? What the heck...
Although the other type of adverts... the ones on my CAM PAGE (hint hint... click my picture above) are nice and normal. :)

I must remember to let somebody else be the volunteer on the homeowners association next year... sigh.

I bought geo an espresso long (single) ... he enjoyed it with a dash of coffee cream... and that's the first coffee he's ever had... that I know about... besides the odd sip.
Another first in the life and times of being dad.

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