Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 24

Today was all about sunshine and applesauce...
Well, ok ... not so much about applesauce... but sunshine for sure. :)
Sadly... it was also all about life in the ugly beige cubicle.

I am soooooo flipping glad it's friday.
Weekend... here I am and I'm totally ready for ya. :)

~ long day of slaving... (long freaking week actually)
~ watching my clients freak out about a MS security patch...
~ and getting my buns home to make some breaded pork chops... (here comes the applesauce again).
~ no plans for the night... but I'm hoping to get my "google adsense" stuff implemented on my web page... :D (falling over to the dark side... sadly this is long after I stopped getting a couple of hundred thousand hits per month on my web page... :D)
~ to poke minarets... with a pudding covered spatula. A lot... as in, often. :)
~ for crushdmb to be nice to her orkin...
~ and to send some lj love out to geekgrrrl... just 'cuz.

I've said it before... and of course, it's horrifically devisive... but tough.
I cannot understand how any american can, in good conscience, vote Republican.
How freaking blind, dumb and brain dead do you have to be to not see what has happened to America in the last six years and not see that mc-muppet is going to give you more of the same?
I mean, I truly just cannot understand that?
You're personal pet peeve issues are for shit ... there comes a time when you have to take a good hard look at the state of your union and make decisions to do something positive for it before it's just too damn late.
And folks... it's just about in the "too late" zone.

So now that the Canadian dollar has tanked and prices for imports have jumped up...
We once again look to the book sellers who told us up and down that the prices printed on books were necessary evils when the dollar was on par due to the transportation, production, etc... telling us to keep paying 20% more for books in Canada while the dollars were lined up.
Now we see the price pre-printed on books is evened up... (almost) and the book sellers are lamenting the immediacy of the dollar drops impact on their pricing models.
So it takes for ever when prices fall and it's immediate when prices jump.
Yeah, right.
I expect to see little 'stickers' over the prices by next week... despite their assurances on the radio that they're planning to suck it up.

Dear inventor of the thong sticking up out the back of my low ride'en jeans...
You've made my day so many times, I'm starting to loose count. :)

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