Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 23

K... sunshine and the temps even got ... "not freezing cold".
So yeah... A good day.

Presentations to the clients went as expected.
I was busy rocking... and they were busy trying to keep up.
gah! :)
~ but don't worry... I'm not actually vain about this stuff...

Honestly... I'm having an off day.
I was totally jazzed at the get-go. Got into the office early... slaved away on slide deck and was totally cruising.
But now? On the other side of the presentations... I'm on a big low. Even though they went so well and I got four more months of contract out of it...
Is nothing. I get this way.
I get all introspective and wallow around with deep thoughts about life and friendships and la la la...

I think I need to find a young scott and her baby. :) (waves to harlydog).

~ beige day... mickey tie. :)
~ lots-a work in the morning... big show at 11'ish... and an afternoon that is draggin like a legless dog going for a walk. ug!
~ gotta make a dinner plan... that happens fast... Geo has swimming tonight.
~ survivor...
~ that nbbmom finds her way to a "what if" free gym...
~ to smile at my little shoo-shoo... shoo
~ that I knew how things were with mousio...
~ to send mucho big good vibes out to angryvixen...
~ and that lil'zax... zaxwrit gets home safe and sound.

Nothing like a good ol "Potential Power Shift" in the US Federal Race to bring out the absolute WORST in US society.
The number of interviews I have seen with "good ol'folks" saying the most amazingly dumb-ass things is just mind blowing.
I'm especially taken with the criticisms of Oh-blam-blam-blam-ah that he's not christian enough.
"He's not my kind of christian..." lol.
Score EXTRA POINTS for making religion even dumber than it already is.

I ate a grapple.
It's like a royal gala apple that was crossed with a grape.
Trippy. Tasted like a big giant apple-ish Green grape... smelled like a glass of welches grape juice. :)

If you could look into my eyes
Would you be able to see
That I would love you forever
Because you let me be me.

~ time to go to swimming lessons... a daddy's job is, apparently, never quite done.
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