Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 21

Hola. :)

Totally crappy day... weather wise... but otherwise... not so bad. :)

~ slogg'en it at work... deadline is a'loom'en... seriously :(
~ sudden impromptu meeting with client boss... thought I was in trouble...
~ was offered a gig till the end of march... decisions decisions...
~ quick totally delicious dinner...
~ some Chuck...
~ and relax'en.
~ that lisabella enjoys a little puff'en... (not as drug'ee as it sounds... promise)
~ to smile as little mrs snazzy... er... designergirl
~ and to thank libragirl_77 for giving me something so nice to smile about...

If you are broke... and I hate to sound like Suze Orman...
But, have you filled out an application at every starbucks in town?
Medical coverage... including your kids... and an actual wage.
If you gotta work... you gotta work.
There's a lot of work out there, and remember...
The choices make today do not have to be for freaking ever.
Your employer does not own you.
No matter what your career or job or whatever... it's all the same:
You're trading your time for their money.
And when you're not trading it... it's yours.
And the time you're trading... you can decide to trade elsewhere ... when it's time.
But when you gotta work... you gotta work!

Recipe time.
8 bucks worth of uncooked frozen shrimp (easy peel, split tigers, 8 bucks should get you a big ol'bag of 'em.)
5 cents worth of onion... in that two bucks get you big ass bag full of 'em.
1 dolla worth of a yellow pepper. yum.

Do you have Oyster sauce? - I know I know... but I very SERIOUSLY like to tell myself that it's not actually Oyster ok? So shush...
Do you have plum sauce?
You should have some sichuan (sp?) peanut sauce (like a 4$ bottle in the "foreign stuff" isle... very useful "add" to flavouring food!!!)

So thaw the shrimp by putting 'em in a bowl of cold water...
Peel 'em
Put a frypan on the stove... turn it on...
Chop up an onion... no matter how you do it... just turn it into bits!
That frypan is hot now...
Toss in a tab of butter.
Follow up with the onions.
While the onions sizzle, cut up the whole yellow pepper... (wash it first!) go for "lots of thin-long strips)
Stir the onions...SALT the onions... just a wee bit. and use a wooden spoon for goodness sake...
Stir stir... add the pepper... stir stir...
CHOP up a few cloves of garlic and toss it in...
Ok, now... pour like, three tablespoons of the peanut sauce into a blob in the middle of the pan, over the sizzling veg...
Add half as much Oyster sauce... right on top.
And half again as much plum sauce.
It's all getting sizzly spitty hot... stir a bunch and add the shrimp!
Just let is go for a bit... then stir. Lift the pan up, shake it about a bit when you stir...
Cook until the shrimp turns white.
Pour it over rice... or nothing...
Oh man.
No really. :)
(oh, and if it's an "add" to a meal, it should make four helpings... :)

Guitar hero III.
Still haven't tried... looking forward to playing around with it.
If it's even a tenth as fun as DDR... we're golden. :)

:) K, see ya.

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