Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 19

~ Up early... and enjoy coffee in my housecoat, on the front porch, in blazing sunshine (Freezing cold, but the housecoat was warm and comfy) reading emails from people on my iPhone who thought I was chumm'en it up with Bette Midler last night.
~ rake some leaves...
~ run an errand or two...
~ Fish for an early dinner (sole night! :D)
~ take Ed to his first "Squash Lesson". Little kid, rubber ball, racket, small room... cool.
~ I freaking loved squash... I haven't played in decades.
~ that giabean's makes friends with her hips and knees again soon.
~ for the relationship gods to keep smiling on costello1177... no jinx'en!!
~ and to tell pamdewind that Téa is a lovely name! :)

Birthday moments...
Happy (day late) birthday to lique... I hope the seasons of you bring about rebirth.
And for today...
Happy birthday to libragirl_77... I hope the year ahead finds you and your family safe and enjoying fortunes best turn of a card.
And a very happy birthday to kitiara ... a woman beyond pretty much any explanation I can come up with. Stay safe... wait for backup... and enjoy every moment that you get to wear your own boots. :)

So we went to a party last night...
A fundraiser for the organization Zebra works for. (community resource centre... programs against abuse, child support, early years, health needs, meals on wheels, all the stuff you take for granted and have no idea how their funded.... sigh)

I'm sorry if you were snowed by the Bette Midler thing... I typed in "Sorta" but my fingers on the iPhone keypad turned that into "Sorts".
(Like Bette Midler would be in Kanata at a wee fundraiser????)

Cell phone picture versus Canon Elph picture...


The "raffle" I was most keen for was called "Magic Moments". You buy one of only 100 tickets (20$ per ticket) and then in rush everyone runs up with their ticket and exchanges it for one of these boxes. They all have a truffle chocolate in them... but one has a note that says "you win" too. What did you win? A six thousand ($6000) diamond earing and pendant set!!!!!!!! gah! (It was donated by a sponsor).
So basically... give away 6000 to raise 2000. Seems odd but it's how fund-raising works.

Happiness is best measured with a barometer... not a thermometer.
Life is full of hot and cold moments over which you have little control.
Heck sometimes the hottest times... have nothing to do with happiness... only animal instinct.
But pressure?
We can take steps to manage the pressure we live under.

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