Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 17

fuck me but I was tired last night... gah.
I sat down at ... I dunno... maybe 11:30... to watch Survivor and ... nothing.
I remember like 10 minutes of the show... next thing it's 2:00 am and the PVR is running the show for the third time?
I snapped it off and stumbled to bed.
Maybe I'll get to watch it tonight.

Today is all about the brrrrrrrr.
The sun is shining... but the earth is tipping over again... and that sunshine is just not doing what it does in the summer. sigh.

I took Geo to swimming last night...
There's a skate park behind the sports centre... except it's really just well-made mobile ramps in a closed off section of a parking lot.
Not that you care... but the issue remains... "Concrete" is not the same as "Asphalt" .... not even close.
I don't like skating on Asphalt... on my park-board. I have a street board... actually, that reminds me that I want to replace the deck and trucks on my "street gear" and put the old G&S Fiberflex board on a wall somewhere. :)

~ my current contract is in high-tension mode... I've got to have a snazz-monkey-make-the-boss-all-sticky presentation by next friday. So I'm busy... big.
~ I think I'll be convincing the family to go out to dinner tonight. I do not feel like cooking... not even a little.
~ When the night comes... I think it'll be all I can do to not pass out ... sigh. Long week.
~ to thank you for all the kind words...
~ I could slide a little box of wintergreen altoids over to gillian16...

Look... I really don't get the big deal?
I think it's perfectly reasonable for an elector that opposes a given candidates views to corner that candidate and ask him or her hard questions.
I don't even really think it's much of a problem for that person to misrepresent him or herself by way of establishing a framework for the line of questioning.
This is politics... It's a whole lot of "pot calling the kettle black" for the politicians to be displeased with lying electors.
However... I also think it's perfectly reasonable for a political candidate to take an elector down a notch or two because he or she should have mad skills in the "talking to people" department.
I also think it's pretty ridiculous for the public to think Obama should have the answer to the economic crisis in his front pocket. The republicans certainly don't... and YOU HAD TO SPEND 750 BILLION DOLLARS to find that out.

The kids are surprisingly OK with the circumstance of the unfortunate-demise-of-Buster.
I think it's a little of the "Lion King" syndrome...
As in... "An adult watches the Lion King and is mortified at the father-death scene... meanwhile the kids in the room are un-phased."
I mean, we're all ok with it... given that she was not well and that this is a release for a kitty that has packed about 15 people years under her fur.
Still and all... I can't help giving her a few tears when I say my farewell. :(

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