Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 15

OH BOY... Look at that!!!
The Conservatives won themselves a "Minority Government"...
you know, like the last one...
that was still valid for two more years...
as per the Conservative governments "legislation" mandating election dates...
that they ignored so they could call a snap election...
at a cost of over three hundred million dollars of tax payers money.

I can think of a lot of things that would be worth doing with 300 million dollars.
Unnecessarily re-electing yourself... isn't one of them.

~ kind of a stress filled day in the cards... Confrontational meetings all day... - in a work sense, not interpersonal - It's hard to get people to the point where they'll actually say what the heck is wrong with something... when all they want to do is sit at their desks and complain. Grrrrr!
~ Geo had a rough night... tummy aches, etc... so he stayed home and missed picture-day. poor kid... he likes picture day. :) He lost a tooth today.
~ me-home-early to try and do a little "be there for ya" with the under-the-weather-kid.
~ now it's all about making dinner...
~ then going shopping with suz while she tries to find something to wear to this big "charity event" we're off to on Saturday night.
~ that lakme and her main squeeze... heck and the dogs... all feel better soon. :)
~ that Sara... er... twilightsm, has a nice day.
~ and for mapomme_desang to find the right vibe to...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a truly drop dead gorgeous red head I just happen to know... ;D (gillian16) May you and your adora-monkey freckles have a lovely birthday and I hope the year ahead takes great care of you, you're little guy and showers you both with good times. (pay no attention to the sharpie I'm sneaking into the room with you... I'm not going to play connect the dots... promise... :D)
And look at that ... it's honuhoney's birthday too. :) Happy birthday sugar-T. Where ever you are, what ever you're doing... you get to know that you are loved. :) (I know this for sure... because ... just because. :D) I hope you enjoy the year ahead and stay in good health with lots of happy. :D
And to the seldom here, the girl with the hundred million watt smile... Happy birthday jaggedpill. May little chefs keep you smiling and I hope there is all kinds of good love in the year ahead. :)

Dear Steve-o:
Thanks sooooo much for wasting all that money.

Dear Stephane:

Dear Jack:
Seriously? You're all excited? exactly why?

Dear Gilles:
Oh bite me.

Dear Elizabeth:
Sorry sugar... I guess folks are just not willing to go out on any kind of limb.
It's called National Pussyhood.

~ oh look ... the markets are rebounding a bit...
gosh... who'd have guessed.

It's what you push down by succumbing to want.

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