Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 14

Ah yes... the holiday-monday begins to pay off with the euphoric sense that today is... also a monday.
this plays into my evil plans nicely... to fool myself into thinking it's not the day that it is... so that the day it is will be later in the week than my work-addled brain realizes.
If all goes according to plan... I will be pleasantly surprised by friday. Not... "on friday I will be surprised (pleasantly)" but rather... "friday itself will be a surprise to me."

I'm in cube land... long day in cube land.

~ blue-gray day... all the way.
~ gray ftls
~ dark trousers with the "so blue gray it's pretty much blue" shirt and a new tie. :)
~ dk blue sox...
~ black belt... and brown loafers.
~ I suppose I have to be FAIL because of the loafers?
~ slogging away in the client zone...
~ make something delicious for dinner... and watch Chuck. :)
~ to tell cynnerth that she don't need no professor to tell it's good for you to stay hooked up (long live the interweebs).
~ that pasticcio will remember me in her "wordy-ness" come my birthday...
~ and that fragbert keeps on having fun-with-white. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy BirthdayBella-Luna...(prasava). May you and the ones you hold most dear fill your year with good health, good times, and a little of that "fortune" thing people keep talk'en about. :D

Today is voting day in the Canadian Federal Errrrrrrrection.
If Steve-o Harpie wins with a minority government... egggggzactly what he had before...
Somebody should hand him the bill for screwing us all out of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.
I will watch moments of the coverage with one hand figuratively tied behind my back.
Such is the way of it... when you live in a riding with a shoe-in for the wrong team.

I honestly think it's a dramatic disservice to democracy that we go so far out of our collective way to ensure senior citizens get to go and vote.
Sounds curmudgeonly, I know.
But the majority of their votes are based on a system of social order and a system of business that is based on a time that is rapidly fading into the distance.
Throwing support to the party that shores up the misplaced belief that there can be any return to days gone by is a lot like giving the textile industry 300 million dollars in tax relief to inspire their business and then throwing open the doors to Chinese imports two months later.
A waste.

I'm not certain, but I don't think they bring polling stations into University Dorms... (do they?)

Judy Bloom's book about Fudge... "Fudgie"... "Fourth Grade Nothing"...
Ed and I were laughing and laughing... :D
Thanks Judy. :)

I feel you in my heart...
And I don't even know you...


~ big hearts hold more music. :)
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