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Mostly harmless

Monday, October 13

~ you can't tell (I don't think) but I got a huge hair cut... :D

Thanksgiving Day... Canada style:
I am thankful for my family... the one that made me and the one I will happily spend the rest of my life making.
Anything else I could be thankful for beyond that... pales by comparison.

Saturday was mad consumerism... home depot... (outdoor power-point gear, plugs, conduits, stuff)... cost-co and loblaws... groceries for the week.
And a hair cut! :) (thanks mom)

Sunday was somewhat more homie. :) We had another quick trip to Home Depot because I rarely get the right thing first time around... and then while suz and the boys worked on car cleaning, and gardens... I messed around with the "ground fault protection" circuit I've now finished laying in for the front yard... (we now have a power-point (aka "plugs) down at the rocks by the end-of-the-laneway. :D :D).
We got all cleaned up after and headed to my SILs for a birthday SLASH thanksgiving dinner.
Sadly, this meant that this year I missed my mom's TG dinner... which I will not be doing again, any year soon....

Today is all cloudy and yukki... with a clear and present danger of rain coming around the bend.
Oh and we watched Amazing Race last night.
You know... the biggest difference between AR and Survivor (other than the completely different game premise, that is) is that there are several "root for'able" people on AR.
Sadly, two of my favs got tossed on AR. :(

~ fill the bird feeder... which is harder than it sounds... considering it's 20 feet in the air over a precarious perch...
~ install the low voltage lights "down at the rocks" (at the end of the laneway).
~ make a cheese cake...
~ make a bunch of sauces ... having fondu for dinner. :)
~ I had a time machine.
~ debby's little man enjoys his number six. :)
~ to tell my sweet friend, Misha (willedit that a million hands are on her shoulder and as many hearts walk with her.
~ and that fragbert's world tips back to proper up-and-down soon... or he may spill off the edge. :)

Birthday moments... from yesterday...
Happy birthday krazyleesa... I hope there are loads of great reasons and opportunities to relax and let the roses come to you this year. :)
And a very happy to a truly remarkable young woman, far far away on Canada's west coast.... Little Miss Twinkles... the dotcombabe her-bad-self. May the wonderful vibes you put into the world around you... come back to you and hold you like a hundred million yellow ribbons tied around every tree in your paradise.

here's a thought.
If we OUTLAWED tasers... from everybody... especially and including cops...
No tasers.
Cops would have to go back to either beating with fists, a baton or just plain ol'shooting,
Both of which leave marks.
Unlike... the beloved taser.
Perhaps we might find our way back to accountability.
Because we have lost our way in that regard.
And in the void... it gets too easy to lose the respect that should be granted to the men and women who protect us.

I remain confounded by society's refusal to admit the role swearing plays in everyday life.
"Kids today" did not invent foul language.
Neither did their parents.
The permeation of swear words into work, life and play is beyond measurement.
This has been true for ... ever.
Yet so many still make like it's the debbils work when language refuses to stay on the narrow path.
A conversation between five when one is either known to be off-put by swear words or has just made some comment to this affect.
So-called "good manners" tells us that the four need to curb-their-enthusiasm for colourful diction.
Why is that?
Why not the other way around?
At least... "why not the other way around" without the "other way around" meaning the four are unfeeling, disrespectful cads.
Swearing is not hurtful speech.
It does not diminish any identifiable group... it's not sexist or racist...
It's just expressive.
And it's been expressive for ever and everywhere...
Yet we are expected to hide from it, deny it, and otherwise make like we are somehow "better" because we don't participate.
Fuck that.

There is a big happy in my family today.
My brother came over before we headed out for dinner...
He was there with his main squeeze, Sandy. They've been together now for 10 years.
He got divorced a while before that... and arguably the most agreeable divorce in the history of humanity. His ex is still very much in our lives, and happily so.
Any ways... he came over to share. :D
My semi-SIL, Sandy, will someday soon be my official SIL... so says the rock on her finger. :D
This makes me smile from head to toe.
The more I think about it... the more I smile.

K... time to go. :)
See ya soon.
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